Are pride-related Masterpieces Allowed in Animal Jam?

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Are pride-related Masterpieces Allowed in Animal Jam? Pride-related Masterpieces are welcome in Animal Jam! WildWorks is proud to celebrate the LGBTQ+ members of its studio and community as well as LGBTQ+ people all over the world.

Our Masterpiece moderators do their best to stay up to date on current trends and ways of expression while also protecting the privacy of our players. There are some small situations in which a Masterpiece may be denied for violating other rules, such as sharing too much personally identifiable information, or containing unsafe or unfamiliar content.

Our moderators do their best to make Animal Jam a safe and welcoming place, and sometimes they make mistakes, or make a decision that you may not agree with. Don’t let a rejection discourage you from expressing yourself in the future! For more information, check out this article for further details.

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Did you know!? - VIPERS

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Did you know!? VIPERS are snakes that strike their prey with venomous fangs! Their hollow fangs act like sharp tubes that inject venom into their bite, and when their fangs aren’t being used, they fold back into a viper’s mouth!

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Welcome Bundle!

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Welcome Bundles have arrived in Animal Jam! Inside each bundle is a collection of goodies that will give any new player a jump start into Jamaa. The WELCOME BUNDLE is an optional, premium purchase that includes one of each starter Animal and a pile of Gems & Sapphires! If you can’t see this new bundle in the premium shop, it’s because your account is considered that of an experienced AJ Player who no longer needs a welcome package.

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