Jammer Safety - Safety and Respect Online!


Greetings! We wanted to say THANKS to all the Jammers who practice SAFETY and RESPECT online! Jamaa is an amazing place, and being kind and helpful to other Jammers helps keep it that way!

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Remember, if a player is bothering you, it's perfectly fine to just walk away! If they continue to bother you, don't be afraid to report them. If someone is pressuring you to say something OR offering you items to say something in game, they might be trying to get you in trouble. Just remember to be careful what you type!

NEVER type something into chat due to peer pressure. If someone is telling you to type something into chat and promises you an item in return you should use good judgment and walk away.

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Also, be careful with what you type, because the chat filters may think you're saying something you're not supposed to!

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Before we go, there's one more VERY IMPORTANT thing you must know...

Jammers = Amazing!!!!

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