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News Crew - What has happened in the Temple of the Ancients?

Image (5) News Crew- What has happened in the Temple of Ancients? - by sweetpuddingpie

A new landmark has peeved its way into the maps of Jamaa! After unanimous decision between the Alphas, the Ancient Hearthstone has been escorted in its place of origin: Balloosh! A place shrouded with mystery, Balloosh is home to many of Jamaa’s ancient complexities which have yet to be discovered. Amidst the enigmatic wetlands lies The Temple of the Ancients, which is no less a mystery than the former!

Upon entering, you are greeted by a rather lavish interior, with a façade constructed by stone and crystals and colossal structures that makes a jammer incomparably small, one can’t help but feel intimidated by the archaic nature of the temple. Located at the heart of the temple lies The Statue of Sabertooth, an ancient animal rumoured to have existed in Jamaa ages ago!

So many things have happened in what seems to be a matter of a few days and weeks, yet we still know so little! From the events trailing back from the River’s Heart, the emergence of Balloosh to the general public, the opening of the Temple of Ancients, the curious case of the stone blocks and now, everything just gets more and more confusing each day.

We know very little regarding the origins of the place; how did came to be, how old it is and much more! The reason as to why the landmark has only opened up to the public right now is also a curious case. For all we know, there are plenty other fossils and other beings that only reveal itself within the land’s premises, I mean, the Journey Book isn’t for nothing, right?

Whether or not this theory proves correct adds another thing in our plates, but at-least there is one thing we can be sure of. The sudden appearance of the Hearthstone and the materialization of the statue are way too uncanny to be overlooked;

Sabertooths are coming to town!

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Play Wild Ancient Tree Den!

20180418 AncientTreeBundle

A new den has arrived in PlayWild! The Ancient Tree den is the perfect reTREEt for any Jammer. The Ancient Tree Bundle comes with the Ancient Tree Den, music, and some exclusive petrified den items! Play Wild is available in the Apple Store, Google Play or the Amazon App store; log in today!


Join Animal Jam at VidCon!

We are psyched to officially announce we will be at VidCon this year! Visit our booth and watch our Live Streams, LIVE and in-person from the floor of VidCon, or join us LIVE online! VidCon is from June 20th through June 23rd and is a ton of fun; we hope to see you there. Give a holler to the Jambassadors joining us this year at VidCon: Aparri, Bepper, WisteriaMoon, GellyJones, Twinkle0122, TypicalRocky, Sethyy and Snowyclaw!