Gorgeous Summer Masterpieces!

image (9) (9) image (5) (6) image (6) (6) image (145) Shoutout to these amazingly talented Animal Jam and Play Wild artists: Agualimon, Spikethefrog, Webkinzjammer866 and Animalflock1. These Masterpieces really remind us of why we love summer! We’ll be sending each of them a special surprise to show our appreciation. Be sure to let them know in the comments how much you like their art! HQ

50th Anniversary Of The Apollo 11 Moon Landing!

AJMoonLanding Apollo11-01 Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing! 50 years ago today, American Astronauts: Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, set foot upon the surface of the moon; while Michael Collins flew the command module in lunar orbit, solo, for nearly a day. In honor of these three brave heroes, log in to Animal Jam at AnimalJam.com and enter the code: APOLLO11. This code will be available for THREE DAYS ONLY, Saturday July 20th through Monday July 22nd; delivering three Lunar Den Items! Join us in celebrating the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary! HQ

Wild Weekend: Crazy Hair Days!

WildWeekend CrazyHairDay-01 Jamaa looks are about to be WILD with the new Wild Weekend: Crazy Hair Days! Running Thursday through Sunday only, twelve hairstyles are available with four new colors each! That’s forty-eight possible new hairdos for you! WHOAH!