Welcome to another Animal Jam Tuesday Tips!

20200407 AJTips Potions-01 Welcome to another Animal Jam Tuesday Tips! Potions are a unique item found only inside the Phantom Dimension in Play Wild. Battle phantoms and collect phantom tokens for use with the two vendors hidden inside the phantom dimension. Some potions allow you to play as your pet, some double your earnings in games, while others create weather inside your den or even drop sapphires for your friends! Want to earn the most phantom tokens in battle? Try and tap the battle circle when it turns green, you earn more phantom tokens per battle the smaller the battle circle is. The phantom traveling salesman could be anywhere inside the Phantom Dimension so keep your eyes open! What Play Wild potion is your favorite? HQ Signature

Stunning Masterpiece!

image (34) Stunning masterpiece by baronscapes! We will be sending them a special surprise for this talented piece of art. Our community is filled with thriving artists portraying animals, nature and more; share your masterpiece with us! HQ Signature

Spring has arrived!

20200402 BuildYourOwnGarden Bundle-01 Spring has arrived; time to get out and plant that spring garden! The newest monthly Membership Bundle from AnimalJam.com/join delivers early access to fantastic Build Your Own Garden Den Items, the Spring Cottage and more! Don’t forget that Membership in Animal Jam also delivers Member benefits in Play Wild! HQ Signature