Did you know? - Fox

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Have you ever seen a baby fox? They are called kits! These adorable creatures start off with gray fur and blue eyes, but as they grow older, their fur turns into a beautiful shade of orange, just like their eyes!

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Asiatic Lion Concept Art!

Lion-01 (1)

Lion-05 (1)

Lion-03 (1)

Lion-06 (1)

Lion-02 (1)

Check out our amazing Concept Artist’s portrayal of the Asiatic Lion! Take a closer look and hear their thoughts during the design process.

“The word ‘resilient’ resonated deeply with me as I delved into creating this artwork. These majestic creatures face extreme endangerment, with merely 500 individuals remaining in the wild, confined to a sole forest reserve in India. Witness the spirit of survival!”

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Pet Octopuses!

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Introducing our newest arrivals at the Sapphire Shop - adorable and clever little adoptable PET OCTOPUSES! Hurry over and meet these fascinating creatures today! HQ Signature

August Update - Asiatic Lions, Octopus, & More!

Get ready for an exciting August in Jamaa! Discover the majestic Asiatic Lions, adopt a Pet Octopus, and create your dream dollhouse den. Plus, we have plenty of thrilling pack runs, parties, and adventures in store for you. Stay tuned for the latest updates coming soon to Animal Jam!

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