Super Box has arrived in Animal Jam!

20220602 Super Box Announcement-01 The Sapphire Shop has a new secret: the Super Box! Enter the new portal in the Sapphire Shop to find a limited-time bundle filled with prizes that won’t be found anywhere else!

Right now, you can get the Super Box through iOS, Google, Amazon, and Steam apps! The Super Box can be purchased multiple times while it’s available, and each accessory inside comes with a “Rare” tag on it!

Shout out below your thoughts on this latest addition. Do you have questions about the Super Box? Check out this helpful article.

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Masterpiece Jammer Tip 1 - Making a masterpiece on Animal Jam

Making a masterpiece on Animal Jam can feel like a monumental task. To start, what are all the painting tools and how do they work? Well now’s your chance to learn! Our very own Jambassador L30ra is here to help! You can check out more in-game tutorials at the Projector Screen in Sarepia Forest, and don’t forget to try out these exciting features in Animal Jam today!

Play Animal Jam for free - available for desktop at and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

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New Animals, Summer Carnival, & More! | Animal Jam June Update

This June in Animal Jam, the Summer Carnival returns! Embrace the summer fun with the new Blackbuck Antelope animal, Pet Turaco, and Spiral Bay den! For a limited time, you can also unlock the new Super Box for exclusive, never-before-seen gifts, and revamp your style with the latest and greatest pet, den, and animal bundles! Make the most of Summer Break with these amazing updates and more coming soon to Animal Jam!

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