Exquisite Emperor Penguin Bundle in Animal Jam!

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A new animal’s here, straightened up, standing tall EMPEROR PENGUINS have come to answer the call!

The Exquisite Emperor Penguin Bundle is primed for success, With the animal and two outfits that are sure to impress!

Emperor penguins have come to Animal Jam, and you can find the Exquisite Emperor Penguin bundle in the Sapphire Shop!

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Ever-Blooming Jamaalidays bundle in AJ Classic!

20221101 AJ Classic Diamond Bundle-01

With the Jamaalidays comes a festive Ever-Blooming Jamaalidays bundle in AJ Classic of items quite ready to SPRUCE: A WINTER PALACE, PET POODLE, and last but not least, a MOOSE! Get dressed in festive flair, then don items galore, This bundle will transport you to great days of yore!

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Animal Jam December Update!

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2pm Mst Live on all devices! Enjoy the Jamaalidays Season!!

12:30 Mst Google and iOS live

Amazon confirmed live last night! Other platforms are continuing to push live! Happy Jamaalidays!

December Update (Instagram Post (Square))

We are excited for everyone to enjoy what Jamaa has in store for you once the app approval process is complete!

Each App Store has a different process. Once they have completed their reviews we can make it available to you.

Watch here for progress updates and not to worry all gifts and rewards have been wrapped safely for your arrival!

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