Topaz Treasure Bundle - Animal Jam Classic!

November Diamond Bundle

Fall into the Diamond Shop to find the TOPAZ TREASURES BUNDLE! It comes with a GREAT HORNED OWL and PET RACCOON, SIR GILBERT’S PALACE, and TWO accessory sets: the TOPAZ ENCRUSTED ARMOR and the FLOATING TOPAZ ARMOR! This GLEAMING bundle is available for 30 Diamonds in the DIAMOND SHOP on Animal Jam Classic!

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Mammoth Trivia!

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Look what came stomping into Jamaa…Mammoth Trivia!

Mammoths are classified as: A) Pachyderms B) Proboscideans C) Megafauna D) All of the above

Mammoths have smaller ears than elephants because: A) Small ears hear better B) Small ears are prettier C) Small ears get less cold D) Small ears are flexible

Most of the mammoth fossils found are: A) Male B) Female C) In ice D) 2,000 years old

Up to just 4,300 years ago, some mammoths still lived: A) On an Arctic island B) In North America C) In swamps D) In Australia

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Answers: DCAA


image (76) Brush your tusks and comb your hair—MAMMOTHS have stormed into Jamaa! For some epic EPOCH looks, check out the MODERN MAMMOTH BUNDLE! It comes with the new animal, the Epoch Sport Outfit, and the exclusive Gamer Outfit that can’t be found anywhere else! HQ Signature