Wild Weekend - Summer Book Fair!

20180809 WW SummerBookFair Things are getting LIT this Wild Weekend as we kick off our Summer Book Fair BOOK-A-PALOOZA! These lazy summer days are perfect for curling up in the shade with a good book. These lovely literature accessories, available in the Diamond Shop, will make for the coziest reading nook in Jamaa. What’s next on your reading list? HQ

Mushroom Hut Returns!

The Mushroom Hut has returned to Animal Jam; a really FUNgi den to decorate! We hope this awesome speed decoration of the Mushroom Hut inspires you in your creative decoration of this unique den! Do you have an amazing Mushroom Hut Den Decoration? Comment below with your username and let us know!


Tierney Thys and Southern Sting Rays!


Hi from the beautiful Central American country of Belize! I’ve been swimming with southern sting rays, Dasyatis americana off the island of Caye Caulker and checking out its amazing ability to remain hidden on the seafloor. Sting rays ruffle along the seafloor sucking up shrimps, crabs and other little crustaceans with their mouths located on their undersides. The hidden prey give off electrical signals that these clever rays can sense. When rays need to hide from predators like hammerhead sharks, they can bury themselves in soft sand. Now you may be wondering if their mouth in underneath them, how they can breathe under all that sand? Well, rays have a special little feature called a spiracle. It looks like a hole in the ray’s head right next to its eyes. You can see it in this picture, right next to his eye. Inside the spiracle is a little pump that pulls fresh oxygen rich water in and over the ray’s gills. That way, they can hide for a long time—that is until a curious biologist like me comes along!!