Artist's Dream Bundle is here!

20180702 ArtistsDreamBundle This month’s bundle is every artist’s DREAM! When you manually purchase a membership at during the month of July you will recieve a bundle of artistic inspiration!! The Artist’s Dream Bundle includes a lemur animal, a pet lemur, the complete painters outfit, an art gallery den, a painters den item set AND 5 Masterpiece tokens to be used however you wish. This is a great time to become a Member in Animal Jam, plus your membership also gives you additional benefits in Play Wild. Already have a membership but want the Artist’s Dream Bundle? No problem! Just purchase an additional month during July and you will get all the items as well as that month of membership added onto your current membership total. Paint your edge of Jamaa with a bundle bursting in creativity. HQ

Rare Item Monday - Rare Fez and Rare Lionfish Armor

20180702 PW FezHat 20180702 AJ LionfishArmor

Fezes are COOL, and since today is FABULOUS FEZ DAY everyone in Jamaa deserves to wear this GLORIOUS tasseled contraption! In Play Wild this magnificent Fez is to be featured for today’s RIM, and in Animal Jam we find this fabulous Rare Lionfish armor RIM, perfect for fashionable underwater battles. Ride this river of righteous looks as you show off your STELLAR style to all the Jammers of Jamaa! #AnimalJam #PlayWild


Pack Runs - Crab-A-Rama!

20180626 CrabARama Crab-A-Rama is here! The newest Pack Run Challenge has arrived in Play Wild with a whole new setting; how many crabs can you and your packmates collect as you explore the beautiful beach? Winning packs in all languages will win the super rare DJ Headphones! WUT. That’s right, DJ HEADPHONES! Now’s your chance to take the lead! HQ