Parade of Dens - Birthday Dens!

A new Parade of Dens episode is here, celebrating awesome Birthday Themed Dens! Head on over to our YouTube channel and check it out the full episode. Today we’re featuring: Bunnypiglet, Coolcat832001, Hipie118, Flowerflower2015 and Sonicathehedgehog7’s awesome Birthday-themed dens! They will each be receiving an Epic Den Plaque for their den and a special 1st Birthday Cake. Do you have an amazing den in Animal Jam or Play Wild? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll take a look!


Spider Monkey Pet in Play Wild!

20180905 PW PetSpiderMonkey

Weaving through the trees with surprising ease, the Spider Monkey Pet has arrived in Play Wild! A perfect pal for the new Gorilla, this wonderous primate is ready to make its home in the treetops of Jamaa! HQ

Happy Safer Internet Day!!!

Animal Jam is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day! Have you seen the cool banners located around Jamaa? You can click on them to learn tips and tricks to help you practice safety online! Do you have what it takes to click on all the banners scattered throughout Jamaa?


As part of our effort to help you stay safe online, and keep your accounts secure, we have put together a video on internet safety.

Also, be sure to check out the Internet Safety Quiz in the Conservation Museum in Appondale! Complete the quiz and earn a prize. Want to learn more about how to play safely online? 

Visit the Animal Jam Rules page:



Play Safe and Jam On!