AJ Classic August Bundle - Peridot Post!

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AJ Classic’s August Bundle is here to celebrate August’s birthstone, the Peridot! The Peridot Bundle comes with a red panda, a pet monkey, the Bounce House, and two new accessory sets: the Peridot Armor and the Postmaster Outfit! Will you dress to impress, or keep it sensible?

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Earning Free Sapphries Jambassador Tutorial

How can you earn FREE Sapphires just by playing Animal Jam? Check out the best tips in this featured Jambassador Tutorial by Pínkspinel!

You can check out more in-game tutorials at the Projector Screen in Sarepia Forest; don’t forget to try out these exciting features in Animal Jam today!

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Trivia Tuesday - Nilgiri Martens!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Master your marten knowledge with some trivia questions about nilgiri martens, Animal Jam’s newest pet!

Nilgiri martens are in the same family as:

A) Rats B) Seals C) Foxes D) Wolverines

Nilgiri martens are native to:

A) North America B) Europe C) India D) Australia

Mustelid (the animal family martens belong to) means A) “Weasel” B) “Small carnivore” C) “Sleek skull” D) “Little bitey guy”

Nilgiri martens’ species status is: A) Least concern B) Vulnerable C) Endangered D) Not evaluated

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answers: D,C,A,B