Rare Item Monday - Rare Flaming Crown and Rare Yeti Mask

20181022 AJ FlamingCrown 20181022 PW YetiMask

Night of the Phantoms is heating up with today’s Rare Flaming Crown; these are sure to go like wildfire in Animal Jam. Log into Play Wild and storm the tundra of Mt Shiveer in the Rare Yeti Mask. Both of these RARES are available TODAY only in Animal Jam and Play Wild!


Get Ready For Night Of The Phantoms With Spooky Masterpieces!

nifkit karalee Visit Coral Canyons art studio and get in the Night of the Phantoms Spirit! There is a great Phantom Tutorial available in the AJ Art Studio, perfect for perfecting your spooky art! We loved these Masterpieces by Nifkit and Karalee. We will be sending them each a fan art plaque in both Animal Jam and Play Wild and a Masterpiece Token! Great job! HQ

Animal Jam Box Phantomed Themed Swag

20181020 PhantomBox 5 The fall subscription box from AnimalJamBox.com is full of amazing Night of the Phantomed themed swag! Get all these Night of the Phantoms themed items and more by subscribing to the quarterly box at AnimalJamBox.com! ! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #AnimalJamBox #KidsGames HQ

Captivating Night of the Phantoms Masterpieces

shopking starbeing We can’t help but share these creepy yet captivating Night of the Phantoms Masterpieces by our talented Animal Jam artist community; these pieces are all simply stunning! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us Theshopking and Starbeing; you’ve each just scored a Fan Art Plaque for your den in both Animal Jam and Play Wild and a Masterpiece token. Congrats! HQ