The Bunny Burrow Den has arrived in Play Wild!

20200415 bunnyBurrow-01 The Bunny Burrow Den has arrived in Play Wild! This new spring den features an abundant below ground space, perfect for your spring den decorating! Speaking of decorating, we will be kicking off a burrow den decoration contest later today so get ready to get those burrow decorating skills on point! HQ Signature

Play Wild - Animal Jam Tips!

20200414 AJTip Packs-01 Welcome to Animal Jam Tuesday Tips! Membership benefits in Animal Jam extend to Play Wild as well! One of the awesome Member benefits is the ability to create Packs in Play Wild, have a pack hideout and join your pack buddies in Pack Runs! Earn exclusive Pack outfits in Pack runs as well as daily and weekly pack rewards from the Pack Chest! Which Pack Run is your favorite? HQ Signature

Sneak Peek of the Bunny Burrow!

Winter snow is melting away, which means it’s time for the bunnies to come out and play! The Bunny Burrow, coming soon to the Sapphire Shop, is the perfect place to jump-start your spring garden; still leaves plenty of room to plant mystery trees in celebration of Earth Day! HQ Signature