Autumn Coyotes are here!

20180816 AutumnCoyote Fall couture has arrived in Jamaa, modeled on the ever so fashionable Autumn Coyote! Try on this fiery eyeliner by stopping by the Diamond Shop for this exclusive seasonal visitor!! HQ

Sneak Peek - Autumn Coyote!

The leaves are beginning to change colors, revealing the newest animal to arrive in Jamaa, The Autumn Coyote! A new update is set to arrive tomorrow in Animal Jam! Log in and check it out! HQ

Woolly Salon Den is here!

20180815 PW WoollySalon Bundle

Tame your new Llama’s wacky and woolly hairdos with the new and exclusive Woolly Salon den! Stay superbly stylish, create your own fashion statements, or even run your own salon. Stop by the Sapphire Shop in Play Wild and check out the Woolly Salon today! HQ

Play Wild - Woolly Salon Sneak Peek!

The Woolly Salon Den will be arriving in Play Wild tonight; joining the Persian Kitten pet and the amazing Llamas! We can’t wait to see how you will decorate this amazing new den. Remember, Getting into Play Wild is EASY. Just download from Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store and play; you can use the same username and password you currently use on! HQ