Dino-mite masterpieces and masterblocks!










jozlyn2011 Dino-mite masterpieces and masterblocks by sommysombrero, lamp188, mistressofstars, commanderpug, jellydream, gabrysz7154, hattyhattingtonfan, wolverinefrog, thebettergoddess, and jozlyn2011! Our team is always amazed by the artistic talents of our community! What animals do you enjoy drawing? HQ Signature

November Den Sale!

20211109 Diamond Den Sale-01

20211109 Diamond Den Sale Winter Palace

Jamaalidays is right around the corner! Pick up the Winter Palace today to get started decorating for the holidays! All through November, DENS will be arriving in the Diamond Shop! Every FOUR DAYS a different den will be on sale, so keep an eye out and get ready to find the perfect abode!

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Protect your account with 2-Step Verification!



3 Protect your account with 2-Step Verification! AJHQ has been working on some major updates to the security infrastructure that protects player accounts from hackers. Most of these updates are launching behind the scenes and won’t be immediately visible to players. We are excited about the opportunity that 2-Step Verification in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic provides to our players.

2-Step Verification is now available in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! 2-Step Verification (sometimes called 2-Factor Authentication, or 2FA) is a powerful tool used by banks, healthcare systems, and government entities to ensure that only the legitimate owner of an online account can gain access to it. Take time to enable it on your account(s) today; please follow the articles below for step-by-step instructions to implement this safety measure.

Animal Jam Classic 2-Step Authentication Steps Animal Jam 2-Step Authentication Steps HQ Signature

Kimbara Outback Pronunciation Guide!

20211110 Kimbara Outback Pronunciation Guide-01

20211110 Kimbara Outback Pronunciation Guide-02 Jamaa is filled with all sorts of unique lands, and today we’re here to learn about Kimbara Outback! Have you visited the Alpha Board recently? Which Alpha items are you excited about? HQ Signature