Fantastic Tour of Dens! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens

Check out the latest episode of Parade of Dens, featuring an incredible magic academy, an immaculate spring village, a fantastic masterpiece gallery and exquisite equine den! Today we’re touring the dens of Apricats, C0rrupt3dsp1r1t, CeeCeezmoon and Jammer3hm1d! Do you have a cool den you want to nominiate, or know of one? Dens featured on Parade of Dens will receive an Epic Den Plaque. Let us know in the comments below!


Peck's den has returned to Jamaa!

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Peck’s den has returned to Jamaa! This fantastic den has space below ground and above; plenty of room to decorate and explore! Show us your creative side and channel your inner Peck! #AnimalJam