New Membership Changes!

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Changes are coming for NEW Animal Jam Membership Subscriptions and Sapphire Memberships starting on March 1st! Existing Membership Subscriptions and those purchased before March 1st are NOT changing. Check for full details!

Starting on MARCH 1ST, the price of a NEW Animal Jam Membership Subscription purchased on the app will change! Prices for Memberships purchased with Sapphires will also change. Prices for CURRENT Subscription Members are staying the same, and so are prices on ANIMALJAM.COM/JOIN!

We’d like to thank our community for making Animal Jam an incredible place to be. It is our goal for these changes to help us continue to provide kids and parents with fun and purposeful play, and enrich the Animal Jam experience. By becoming an Animal Jam Member, you’re supporting a game committed to creativity, education, and community, and we hope to unleash lots of new fun in 2023!

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Trivia Tuesday - Snowflakes!

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Time to chill with some Snowflake Trivia Tuesday!

Which of these is NOT a type of snow crystal?

A) Snowflake B) Graupel C) Hoarfrost D) Monocrystal

Evergreen trees photosynthesize:

A) More than trees that lose leaves B) The same as trees that lose leaves C) Less than trees that lose leaves D) Best in winter

Animals grow winter coats to:

A) Stay warmer B) Hide from predators C) Sneak up on prey D) All of the above

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Answers: D,B,D