Trick or Treat Den Tours!

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Stop the dusting, add the cobwebs and your other spookiest den items! For this contest, get your Animal Jam or AJ Classic den ready for the Night of the Phantoms! How will you deck out your den? Here’s how to enter:

  1. Unlock your den
  2. Comment below with your username & which game your den is in
  3. We’ll feature the winning Dens on October 23rd and 30th!!

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Epic Night of the Phantoms Bundle packs quite a fright!

202210 NOTP Epic Bundle 2-02 (1)

Night of the Phantoms is here to delight, And the Epic Night of the Phantoms Bundle packs quite a fright!

This bundle comes with a Komodo dragon, a crocodile, a hyena, two Spooky Pet Tokens, a Frankenpup Pet Token, the Bayou Bungalow, the Spooky Villa, plus a ton of spooky accessories and den items!

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Come to the Jambassador Trick-or-Treat!

Invite - IG SQUARE Come to the Jambassador Trick-or-Treat! On Friday, October 14 at 6PM MST, Jambassadors will be opening their dens to welcome trick-or-treaters for an hour of spooky fun and even spookier PRIZES!

The dens of Jambassadors (Animalloverjammer, Azure21, Cherryfizz44, Cinno, Creativey, Delocate, Empyrea, Galaxymintz, Iisah, L30ra, Maxximum, Pinkrhino24, Pínkspinel, Qw072, Snowyclaw, Verface) and AJHQ will be unlocked tomorrow at 6PM MST! Come dressed in your favorite costume and get ready to party! HQ Signature

Haunted Drive-In Den Decoration

Pull up, settle down, it’s time to begin! Jamaa’s newest den is the Haunted Drive In! This spooky place is primed and ready to host Jamaa’s every ghoul, or creep, freak, and ghost!

To start a double feature you won’t soon forget The Haunted Drive In Bundle has got you all set! With the Drive In, music, and items for your den, You need not venture anywhere, EVER again!

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