Summer Animal Jam Box!

WildSummerBox All Items Looking for unique Animal Jam swag? Check with your parents and look no further than the awesome Animal Jam Box, available at! The Summer #AnimalJamBox is still available; your subscription will ensure you also get the exciting Fall and Winter boxes as well!

Membership Benefits in Play Wild!

PW MokuAhi MemberOutfits-02 PW MemberColorWheel-02 20190803 PW MembershipBenefits-01 This is a great time to become a Member in Animal Jam and Play Wild! Membership benefits include: Membership in both Animal Jam and Play Wild, Daily Sapphires in Play Wild, Weekly Play Wild Member Gifts, Ability to Create and Join your own Packs in Play Wild, Daily Diamonds in Animal Jam, 1,000 Buddies and Inventory Slots as well as access to Member-only Content, Pets, Accessories, Dens, Den items and more in both Animal Jam and Play Wild! You can learn more by visiting!