The Best and THE WORST! Animal Jam - Jammer Looks!

Today kicks off a brand new series on our YouTube channel called Jammer Looks! We love seeing your creative, unique - and sometimes silly - looks and wanted to share them with our amazing Animal Jam Community! Join us for our FIRST EPISODE of Jammer Looks, as we highlight some of AJ’s Best Dressed…and WORST DRESSED! If your look was featured in today’s episode, you’ll receive an AJHQ Plaque for your den in Animal Jam AND Play Wild. Woohoo! We had so much fun in this episode; let us know what you think in the comments below! HQ

Trials of Zios | Hard Mode

20180512 Trials of Zios Hard Mode

Think you’ve you mastered all of Animal Jam’s adventures? Think again! HARD MODE has now arrived for The Trials of Zios. It’s time to put your skills to the test, in HARD MODE! Are you brave enough to meet this new challenge?!