It's Not Too Late To Share Your Wishlist!

20181208 WishlistPost 3 Jamaalidays are here and the time for getting that perfect Jamaaliday gift is passing fast! Have you had a chance to share your #AJWishlist with your friends and family? Anything that you wanted to add to your amazing #AJWishlist, at the last second, for all those Jamaalidays Procrastinators? HQ

Refer-A-Friend In Animal Jam And Earn Big Rewards!

20181208 ReferAFriend 2a20181208 ReferAFriend 2b20181208 ReferAFriend 2c20181208 ReferAFriend 2d20181208 ReferAFriend 2e Playing Animal Jam with friends is the best; the new Tiered Refer-a-Friend Rewards makes it even better! Invite your friends to join you in Animal Jam and ask them to add your username as the referring player, when they are creating an account. They will get gems and you will as well! Win, Win! If any of your referred friends decide to get membership later on, you will also get new rewards as you make progress in the new Refer-a-friend tier reward system! This is a great way to get awesome rewards for referring new players, including rewards of membership, diamonds, exclusive armor and even a Legendary Eagle! HQ