So many amazing Masterpiece artists in Animal Jam!

image (43)image (44)image (42)image (41)image (40)image (39)image (38)image (37) There are so many amazing Masterpiece artists in Animal Jam; the incredible artistic skill of the AJ Community blows us away! Check out these spectacular Masterpieces by xxninjaxx333, chocolate4froggy, chloesk, Sharkledog, victoria87543, spiraluniverse, Atlartis and Ahaisga! They will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque and a Masterpiece Token for their talented work. Don’t forget you can get a head start in Masterpiece creation through the Artist’s Dream Bundle, now available at! Memberships purchased at during July will receive the Art Gallery Den, Exclusive Artistic Den items and outfits, Lemur & Lemur pet and FIVE MASTERPIECE TOKENS! HQ

Rare Item Monday! Lionfish Helmet and Play Wild Baseball Cleats!

Head on over to Animal Jam and snag today’s Rare Lionfish Helmet! If you were in luck and grabbed the Rare Lionfish Armor, this helmet is will help complete your collection. This subaquatic safety device is perfect for battling phantoms in Bubble Trouble! Over in Play Wild, don’t miss out on the Rare Baseball Cleats! These cleats are great for that summer sports look you have been wanting to pull off! 20180716 AJ LionfishHelmet 20180716 PW BaseballCleats

Last Chance - Wild Weekend Jelly Cafe!

20180712 WW JellyCafe LastChance

These sweet items are wiggling their way out of the Bounce House Party very soon. Be sure to purchase some of your own, so you don’t get JELLY of the other Jammers that have them! While it’s the last chance to buy the Wild Weekend Jelly Cafe set, we can’t wait to see how you use them in your delectable den decorations!