Kangaroos are bounding into Animal Jam!

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Kangaroos are bounding into Animal Jam! These Australian marsupials are the only large animal that travels around by hopping, using the springy tendon muscles in their legs and feet!

Get ready to JAM with these new animals with the Incredible Kangaroo Bundle in the Sapphire Shop! It comes with a kangaroo, the Rock Star Outfit and the exclusive Jammin’ Outfit!

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Trivia Tuesday - Kangaroos!


Hop to it! It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! This week, test your kangaroo knowledge with some fun facts!

What kind of animal is a kangaroo?

A) Monotreme B) Marsupial C) Placental mammal D) Metacarpal

Which is the key to a kangaroo’s hop?

A) Their tails B) Their toes C) Their tendons D) Their swag

Marsupial babies are called:

A) Pups B) Joeys C) Kits D) Marsupilittles

Which is the world’s largest marsupial?

A) Grey kangaroo B) Wombat C) Tasmanian devil D) Red kangaroo

Check back for answers next week!

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Answers: B,C,B,D

September Update - Behind the Scenes

Time for a 👀 behind the scenes of Animal Jam! Check out what we have in store, coming soon to the latest update! Learn a bit about the complicated design process involved in bringing these 3D models to life. Stay tuned for the official release of the new Kangaroo avatar, Joey pet, and Rock Star Venue den coming to Animal Jam this September!

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