Direwolves are here!

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Direwolves are here! Extinct no longer, these fierce canines have joined the Sabertooths as an extinct animal somehow jumping back into existence. We’re not sure HOWL this is possible, but we’re very excited about it, aren’t you? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

You Are Sooooooooo Blocked!

Check out our latest Pro Tips video on our YouTube channel! We get a lot of questions on how to deal with another Jammer who maybe is annoying you at the moment, or even one of your Buddies who is super hyper. Check out this video and learn how to use Block and Report using the Player Card. Remember if you block another player you can’t see their chat any longer. If you blocked someone in your den and they are still a bit too annoying for you, you can also remove that person from your den by simply locking and then unlocking your den. Block, Lock, then Unlock! Blocked players will not be able to reenter your den. Let us know below if you still have any questions on how this all works! Thanks everyone!