Jamaalidays Member Bundle

Make your Winter Dreams come true! 

New and existing Members, in the month of December, will receive a SPECIAL JAMAALIDAYS BUNDLE BONUS! 

All AnimalJam.com Members, in December, will receive a bonus gift of an Arctic Wolf, an Arctic Fox, a Snow Leopard, a pet Lynx, a full set of Ice Armor AND the Winter Palace Den. Wow! Don’t forget Membership at AnimalJam.com also gives you Membership in Play Wild, along with a stack of Sapphires, Daily Member Gifts in Play Wild

 and the ability to create and join Packs. 

Give the gift of Membership! 

Arctic Burrow Bundle Arrives in Play Wild!

Have you checked out the new Arctic Burrow Den in Play Wild?  

The Arctic Burrow Bundle, available in the Sapphire Shop, comes with arctic furniture perfect for chilling, cool den music and more; perfect for a Jamaalidays party with all your buddies. 

Log into Play Wild and check out the new den, Packs and 

don’t forget your Jamaalidays Daily Gifts!