Celebrate World Ocean Day

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Today is World Ocean Day! Celebrate with your favorite ocean animal and explore Kani Kove or even Deep Blue in Animal Jam! Go on an ocean adventure and create a fabulous underwater den! So many things to do in the oceans of Jamaa, what will you do to celebrate?


New Summer Box From AnimalJamBox.com!

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The Summer Animal Jam Box is now available at AnimalJamBox.com! Get in on this great seasonal subscription box; collect limited edition Animal Jam swag and get awesome discounts on Animal Jam apparel from AnimalJamBox.com! #AnimalJamBox #AnimalJam #PlayWild #SummerBox


TRY NOT TO LAUGH Challenge #2 – Funny Animal Videos ft. WisteriaMOON | PlayWild Animated Adventures

PlayWild has challenged WisteriaMoon, her fellow YouTuber, to another ‘TRY NOT TO LAUGH’ challenge! They’re going head to head to see who can laugh less during this second, adorable compilation of funny animal videos. Check out the video to see who wins this difficult challenge! Can you resist laughing? Comment your score below! Download Animal Jam - Play Wild on your mobile device to join the fun!