Congrats to our super-fast plushie finder!

Image from iOS (16) Congrats to our super-fast plushie finder who was the closest without going over with their count for both Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic: Ella86771. We hope you enjoyed this Saturday’s challenge! Take some time to create your own “find it” challenge for your buddies! HQ Signature

Nocturnal Facts in Animal Jam - Octopus!

image (11) Have you found all the nocturnal facts in Animal Jam? Time to test your memory with this Nighttime creature, the octopus! The octopus would be quite the creature to find crawling across the ocean floor. Have you seen one in real life before? HQ Signature

Night Octopus Answers: ornate octopus, coral reefs, arms

Triceratops for the win!

20211111 Pet Bracket-08 Triceratops for the win! Thank you to everyone who participated in the Feast of Thanks Pet Bracket event! The community showed support by voting and rooting for their favorites in the comments! Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to treat your pets in-game or at home like royalty! HQ Signature