Frogs, Fungus, and Friendship Art Collaboration

Some of the best things in life are fungus, frogs, & friends, and this beautiful masterpiece collab celebrates all three! Organized by Chocolate4froggy, this collection contains beautiful artwork by Dragojin999, Cutenpets, Sneakywolfspirit, Pheonixdragonxx, Happyheartpuppy02, Big, sherwolfy, Birduke141arts, Baronlightningfoot, and Buoy15. We can’t wait to see what fantastical project these artists jump to next!

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Sky Kingdom Art Collaboration!

Check out this awesome Sky Kingdom Masterpiece Collaboration organized by Sosol23200! At the end of this rainbow you’ll find kittens, hyenas, frogs, dragons, and so much more. The Animal Jam community has amazing artists and we are so happy to share some of their work! This collab was created with the contributions of these fantastic artists: rainbowflyingdash, lazydarkness, tictactaco, hyenine1, chocolate4froggy, artcookies, sosol23200, awsomeisme1233, earltantet, roorooshoe, stormytonya, snowflakey121, 223lou, and meself2.

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Lunar New Year Den Decoration

Check out this fun Year of the Rat Den Decoration video! We hope this will inspire you in creating an awesome Lunar New Year Den! Do you have an awesome Lunar New Year Den? Let us know in the comments below!

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Snow Fortress Den Decoration

The wild world outside is frozen over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cozy den amidst it all. Cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of cocoa and join AJHQ as they decorate their Snow Fortress with enough sweets to last through the final few months of winter.