September Update - Pigs, Horseshoe Crabs, & MORE!

Discover the wonders of September in Animal Jam! Embrace the new season with classic farm animals, fascinating living fossils, and explore the mysteries of an ancient pyramid in Jamaa! Start the school year right with endless shopping sprees and autumn leaves.

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Designing the Pet Rosy Maple Moth

Peek in on our concept artist’s creative process as she created the pet rosy maple moth!

“I wanted to emphasize the fluff while keeping the details simple, so I implied both mothlike body segments and fluffy legs with stripes. Two for one! The Rosy Maple Moth’s personality is as vibrant as its’ colors, so I concepted them to be stylish and the life of the party. The Moth’s Monster toy is a nod to Japanese kaiju cinema and Queen of the Monsters, Mothra! The Rosy Maple Moth loves to be the center of attention. It takes a bold sense of fashion to sport those stripes, colors, and fluffy collar!”

What type of personality does your rosy maple moth have?

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Legendary Eagles, Pet Chameleons, and MORE!

May flowers will soon arrive, all aboard as this month is LEGENDARY! Jamaa is soon to be filled with Legendary Eagles, Pet Chameleons, and the new Lunar Base. With new pack runs, parties, and adventures to be had, explore the latest and greatest updates coming soon to Animal Jam!

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