Trivia Tuesday - Pigs!

Piglet Tuesday Trivia

Lucky piglets are bringing you this weeks Trivia Tuesday!

Pigs belong to the family:

A) Cervidae B) Bovidae C) Camelidae D) Suidae

What is a pig’s snout useful for?

A) Tracking down food B) Rooting and digging C) Getting booped D) Mostly A and B

A mother pig is called a:

A) Doe B) Sow C) Matron D) Donna

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Answers: D,D,B

Fab 5 token!

Fab Five Super Box-01 (1)

FIVE fabulous animals are returned in the latest Super Box! Pick between a KOALA, COYOTE, RACCOON, SHEEP, or OTTER! Which have you selected?

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Missions - Welcome to Jamaa!

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Welcome to Jamaa! Invite a friend to Jamaa to experience the NEW, new player tour, which includes a pet, den style choices, and more… Jump right in through Missions like this one to get acquainted with what Jamaa has just for you! Complete Missions to earn prizes and rewards, plus Badges for your Player Card! To start a mission, tap on the tab on the left side of your screen!

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