News Crew - All about Endangered or Extinct Animals!

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News Crew- All About Endangered or Extinct Animals By: bunnyhallie

Calling all Jammers! Recent studies have shown that two NEW animals have arrived into our community. Not just any animal… but EXTINCT animals! These formidable creatures are fierce and powerful, yet a lighthearted pleasure to many Jammers.

What does the word EXTINCT mean? And ENDANGERED? Well EXTINCT means”no longer in existence,” or others words are “lost” and “gone”. ENDANGERED means “at risk of extinction,”. Sad to say these words sound frightful, but Animal Jam has brought them back!

Let’s s go on to the new animals in Animal Jam starting with the Saber Toothed Tiger. This cat is one of the various mammals that drew their way to the extinction chart. They are characterized by their long, saber-sized sharp two-buck teeth! The dire wolf (Canis Dirus) is a cousin of the modern gray wolf, and had a taste for horses. They also coexisted with the saber toothed cats who happen to both be prehistoric carnivores that settled in North America.

Though many EXTINCT or ENDANGERED animals became non-existent from starvation or thirst, many have been hunted down by humans, pulled of their belongings, and sold them for cash. These poor animals also have their homes torn down and broken, forcing them to find somewhere else… although some may not make it. Being ENDANGERED is hard for a species and if they don’t make it through, they become and EXTINCT species.

Thankfully, people are giving back what we have taken by holding fundraisers, rebuilding and growing homes for the ENDANGERED saving them from extinction. Have you heard? Snow leopards are at edge of extinction, which means they are ENDANGERED. People are currently taking care of these majestic creatures in habits at which they like, and helping them survive.

That’s it for today folks! But remember… Jam On!

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