Gorillas have arrived in Play Wild!

20180829 PW Gorilla

This pretty spectacular primate is far from primitive – in fact it’s the newest animal in Jamaa! Gallop on down to the Sapphire Shop (on two legs or four!) to purchase your very own Gorilla bundle. Turn your pack into a troop as you explore Animal Jam Play Wild from a new perspective!


Garden Escape Bundle!

20180831 GardenEscape Bundle

Just because it is time to go back to school, doesn’t mean we have to leave nature behind! That’s where the September Membership Bundle shines with this month’s Garden Escape! By purchasing a new membership at AnimalJam.com/join you will receive: the Owl animal, a Hummingbird pet, an exclusive garden themed outfit, 16 exclusive den items along with Liza’s Garden Den. If you already have a membership at AnimalJam.com, the purchase of the Garden Escape Membership Bundle will stack on top of your current membership. Don’t forget that getting membership at AnimalJam.com/join will also grant you membership in Play Wild as well. Win,Win! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #KidsGames HQ

World of Fantasy Den Speed Decoration

Check out this awesome #SpeedDenDecoration of the Fantasy Castle Den! This den is included in the World of Fantasy Bundle, available for only a couple more days at animaljam.com/join! Don’t miss your chance to get the fantastic bundle items, including the raccoon, exclusive den items, accessories and the awesome Fantasy Peacock Pet!