Want to give the gift of Animal Jam Membership?

20181106 RetailGiftCard ArcticFoxBundle Want to give the gift of Animal Jam Membership? The Retail Gift Card for Animal Jam can be found at your local Target, Walmart, Game Stop and more! Through the end of the year, the Retail Gift card will gift membership along with the Arctic Fox and seven Arctic Fox Den items. You can check for a retailer near you by visiting Animaljam.com/gift_card! HQ

The Glorious Goat Bundle is here!

20181101 GloriousGoat Bundle The November Membership bundle is now available from Animaljam.com/join! The Glorious Goat bundle contains early access to the Goat, an adorable Goat Pet, an incredible Regal Palace den, as well as a unique armor set and a big stack of new, goat-themed den items!

Don’t forget that purchase of this membership bundle will stack on top of your current membership and that membership at AnimalJam.com also grants membership in Play Wild! HQ