Another great batch of Masterpieces from our AJ Community!

rosyrosa360 s0mebodyexe twoeyesoneheart

We couldn’t resist sharing these amazing Masterpieces by Rosyrosa360, S0mebodyexe, and twoeyesoneheart. We are blown away by this talent! We’ll be sending them a Fan Art Plaque AND a Masterpiece Token for their den right away. Looking to get into making amazing Masterpieces? Now is a great time to become a member with the Artist’s Bundle; you get all the benefits of membership, the art gallery den, Lemur and pet, exclusive den items and FIVE Masterpiece Tokens! Check out the Artist’s Bundle at today!


We love our amazing Animal Jam Community Artists!

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We love our amazing Animal Jam Community Artists! Check out these amazing Masterpieces by cheetah10260, wonderwolf89 and eatingcheerioz! We are sending each of them a Fan Art Plaque for their den and a Masterpiece Token! Don’t forget to check out the Artist’s Dream Bundle at! This month it comes with the Gallery Den, FIVE Masterpiece Tokens, exclusive acessories, den items and more! Share your amazing Masterpieces with us and tag it #AnimalJam so we are sure to see it!


Jamaalidays in July! | Play Wild Sneak Peek

Enjoy this sneak peek of a new bundle to arrive in Play Wild! It’s Jamaalidays… in July! This cheery bundle, set to arrive later this week, will be in Play Wild for one week only and includes, the Deer, Gingerbread House Den, and Reindeer Pet and more! HQ

Rare Item Monday - Rare Sunshine Galoshes and Rare Fancy Collar

20180723 AJ SunshineGaloshes20180723 PW FancyCollar These Rare Item Monday Sunshine Galoshes are found only in Animal Jam, and we love them so much! Maybe if we wear them it’ll rain; we could definitely use some rain here at #AJHQ! Don’t forget Play Wild; the Rare Fancy Collar is just the finishing touch you’ll need for any ensemble. Get both rares before they’re gone for good! #AnimalJam #PlayWild #RareItemMonday HQ