Play Wild Planned Server Maintenance

maintenance asset We will be performing a planned server maintenance tonight in Play Wild, starting around 10:00pm Mountain. (That is 9:00pm Pacific/ 11:00pm Central and Midnight Eastern) During this time, you may experience trouble logging into your account. DON’T PANIC! We are just cleaning up the remnants of a few million paintseeds and performing other routine server maintenance. We don’t anticipate this to last long, so thanks for hanging in there with us during this brief interlude! HQ

AJ Wish List!

20181106 WishlistPost 1

Are you making your list yet? The holiday season is fast approaching; now is a great time to start making your Wish List for Animal Jam and Play Wild! Feel free to fill this Wish List with your dreams; screenshot and share this AJ Wish List with your friends and family! Trying to drop the hint to your parents that you want Membership for the Holidays? Want to let your buddies know your dream trades or items? This is a great way to get started on those goals! What will be on your AJ Wish List? HQ