There's a NEW Pet Egg Available in Animal Jam!

20190628 AJ NewEggPet-01 If you love surprises, you are going to love this news. There’s a NEW Pet Egg available in Animal Jam! That’s right jammers. When you purchase a pet egg from the Diamond shop, or one of the egg nests found throughout Jamaa, you have a chance to hatch a brand new egg! So eggs-citing! Get one today and share with us what pet you hatch.

Wild Weekend Forgotten Items!

2019 WildWeekend ForgottenItems-01 The new Animal Jam update has arrived; Wild Weekends are BACK and here in a BIG way! The Forgotten Items Wild Weekend is the most EPIC Wild Weekend we have ever done. Rumors have swirled for years about the wheels and the staff collection; now is your chance to collect them. These items are only available today through Sunday evening! HQ

Great Summertime Masterpieces!

We are really feeling the summer vibes from these amazing Animal Jam and Play Wild Masterpieces! Grab a refreshing glass of lemonade, relax in your lawn chair, and enjoy this summertime art by: Hamstery1, Swooky, Niinamo, Riptyed and Lucidfer. We will be sending each of them and Artist Plaque and a special surprise! image (125) image (129) image (127) image (126) image (128)