Get CHILLY this weekend in AJ Classic!

20220714 Wild Weekend-01

Get CHILLY this weekend in AJ Classic! For a limited time only, head to the Diamond Shop to taste three new flavors of the ICE POP ARMOR: Cherry, Grape, and Blue Raspberry! (What does a blue raspberry taste like, anyway??)

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Join the Summer Carnival Event!

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Looks challenges, Sapphire drops, and more! Join the Summer Carnival Event! The Jambassadors have decked out their dens, and they’ll be hosting fun events today July 15ht at 5-6pm MST! Put on your best carnival party outfit, then hop from portal to portal in AJHQ’s den to visit all the different celebrations!

Known Locations in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic: pinkrhino24 galaxymintz twinkle0122 cherrioz cinno creativey Pínkspinel l30ra animalloverjammer cherryfizz44 iisah azure21 qw072 empyrea maxximum AJHQ

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How to Create a Carnival Den in Animal Jam!

Discover new ways to bring your favorite stories to life in Animal Jam with our latest Den Decoration Tutorial! This month, we’re revealing some of our favorite tips and tricks for creating the perfect Carnival Den. Invite your buddies to a summer celebration filled with minigames, adventures, and more!

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