Safer Internet - Keep Your Account Safe and Your Personal Information Private

2020SaferInternetDay PhishingSites An easy way to keep your account safe and your personal information private is to only use your username and password on OFFICIAL websites that you visit intentionally.

Websites saying they can give you free items, free codes, free memberships are scams. Sometimes someone will ask you to click a link in a video comment and answer a survey, don’t do it. At some point a phishing email or website will ask you to log in and ask you for personal information, a username, email, password or more.

Animal Jam Customer Service will never contact you and ask you for your login information in order to check something out on your account. Stay safe online and keep your information private! HQ Signature

New Animal to Arrive in Play Wild, the Maned Wolf!

20200213 PW ManedWolf-02 Fox and wolf fans are sure to be excited about the new animal to arrive in Play Wild, the Maned Wolf! These long-legged canids can be found roaming the Jamaa wilds; resembling a fox or a wolf, these amazing animals are neither! Let us know what you think about the new arrival of Maned Wolves to Play Wild! HQ Signature