Balloosh Pronunciation!

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20211130 Balloosh Pronunciation Guide-02 Jamaa is filled with all sorts of unique lands, and today we’re here to learn about Balloosh (Buh-LOOSH)! When you arrive in Balloosh (Buh-LOOSH) what is the first thing you do? HQ Signature

Jamaaliday Daily Gift Calendar 2021

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AJ1 The Jamaalidays are here with joy, laughter and song, Stop by every day for daily gifts all month long! Let your heart be filled with warmth and cheer As you celebrate the fun festive season this year!

Each day we will share a hint to join us in Jamaa and pick up your daily gift! Happy Jamaalidays!! HQ Signature

Capybara's have arrived in the Animal Jam Sapphire Shop!

202112 Capybara-01 20210707 Shop Icons Sapphire Shop (1) Capybara’s have arrived in the AnimalJam Sapphire Shop! The world’s largest RODENTS are ready to chill, For fun times this winter, CAPYBARAS fit the bill! You’ll find them in water for they like to SWIM So become one, dress up, get set, and dive in! For more Capybara fun, there’s something in store: The Darling Capybara Bundle comes with accessories galore! HQ Signature