Happy 9th Birthday Animal Jam Community!

20190907 AJBirthday9-01 Today is our NINTH Birthday in Animal Jam and simply put, our ninth birthday is awesome because of all of you. The Animal Jam community is filled to the core with amazing kindness, creativity, imagination, compassion and incredible artistic ability. Though we are celebrating our birthday we want to say THANK YOU for being part of this amazing community. Don’t forget to grab your AJ Birthday Cake in Animal Jam by using the code AJBDAY9. Thank you AJ Community for being the best community around!

Flipping Wild Weekend!

20190905 WildWeekend Flipping Den Items-01 Den decorating is going to be mind-blowing with the FINAL Summer 2019 Wild Weekend - Flipping Den Items! You read that right, this weekend you can flip your den decor on it’s head by flipping den items. We expect to see some really wild and wacky new dens! Now get creative and have some flippin’ fun!

Matsuri Masterpieces!

image (179) image (173) image (172) image (174) image (175) image (176) image (177) image (178) Check out these kawaii Animal Jam Matsuri Masterpieces! We loved these so much; we will be sending a secret prize to these artists: Hamstery2, Animania, M00sic, Xxblackvelvetxx, PinkRhino24, Fluffypingu8, Skyarcher, and Galaxymintz. Also a big shout-out to Hamstery for holding a Matsuri Festival in their Den! Amazing! Which one of these masterpieces is your favorite?