Ready, Set, ACTION! Cinema lovers!

20210422 Movie Studio Den-01 Ready, Set, ACTION! Cinema lovers throughout Jamaa have created fantastic short films and clips in their own Movie Studio Dens. This amazing den allows players to set a stage, use different camera angles, and create amazing backdrops. Gather you buddies to create the next great cinema masterpiece today! HQ Signature

Happy Earth Day 2021!

202103230 Celebration of the Earth with Cosmo-01 Happy Earth Day! In celebration of Earth day, we intend today to inspire, educate and draw awareness to what our roles can be for caring for the planet we live on! For starters, test your knowledge at the AJ Academy by completing our Earth Day quiz and share your results with us!

Earth Day Quiz

Comment below ways that you and your family help preserve the earth! We’d love to hear from you!