Pamper your pets!

20210210 PamperYourPet-01 Show us you love your pets without saying you love your pets! Pamper your pets in Animal Jam with the latest items in Paws ‘N Claws. HQ

Jammers Know It's Cool To Be Kind!





So many heartwarming kinds acts happening in-game right now. We are so proud of our wonderful community! Remember, our friends are something special and should always be treated with kindness. Show your appreciation to one of your buddies today! HQ Signature

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with the Animal Jam Community today!

SaferInternetDay-01 (1) Celebrate Safer Internet Day with the Animal Jam Community today! The internet is a fun and exciting place however it is important to use safety awareness at all times. Key points to remember: -Keep your personal information private at all times including first and last name, phone number, address, where you go to school, and social media usernames in-game -Use a complex password and change it once a year at minimum and NEVER share your passwords with anyone including your friends -Do not meet someone in person that you met online or chat offline with players you do not know in real life -Do not trust websites or other players with your items or personal information -Go to a trusted adult if you ever feel you are in danger at any time or utilize the in-game reporting feature Have questions for us on how to keep your account safe? Let us know in the comments below or share by tagging #AJJammerTips in your next post to spread awareness today! HQ Signature