Shellstravaganza Has Begun in Play Wild

20180805 BeachRun Shellstravaganza

Collect sea shells down by the sea shore in the newest version of Pack Runs: Shellstravaganza! Enjoy the sandy beaches and summer fun with your packmates in this waterfront pack run setting. Will your pack stockpile enough sea shells to win this month’s Leaderboard Championship prize of a Viking Hat? The Leaderboards in every language have been reset, so anyone can come out on top!


Tiki Trouble Returns!

20180805 TikiTrouble

Time to track down the three elusive pearls found only the fun Tiki Trouble summer adventure! Explore the island to find the coin, fish and crystal to give to the very particular tiki statues. Don’t forget to hurry; you only have 15 minutes! Prizes and excitement await!


LAST CHANCE to get the Summer AJ Box!

20180804 SummerBox 4

This is your LAST CHANCE to get the Animal Jam Summer Box! Check out this super cool reversible jersey, one of the many items you get in this Summer’s box from! The summer boxes are shipping out now, so don’t miss out on your chance to grab your gear before it is all gone! Subscribe for future Animal Jam Boxes for all the sweet swag you could ever want!