Lynx Pet has arrived in Play Wild

20190104 PW PetLynx-01-01

As if things weren’t thrilling enough in Play Wild, a brand new Pet Lynx has just arrived! These floofballs couldn’t be any more adorable. Be sure to visit Claws ‘n Paws and investigate what fun toys your new pet lynx might also enjoy! #PlayWild #AnimalJam #KidsGames HQ

Masterpiece Highlights!

Take a look at these amazing Masterpieces by Bella119, Sarahser24, fruitsbasket11223, Littlebo909, fawnpi, and Batdonut123! We are simply awestruck at the amount of talent in our Animal Jam and Play Wild Communities. Each of these artists will be receiving 3 Masterpiece tokens and an Artist Plaque in both games!

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