Trivia Tuesday - Dogs!

Trivia Tuesday Dogs

In celebration of Thankful for My Dog Day tomorrow, how about some dog trivia?

Siberian Huskies were first bred by:

A) Siberians B) The Chukchi C) Alaskans D) Canadians

People who drive sled teams of Huskies are called:

A) Zoomers B) Runners C) Sledders D) Mushers

In 1925, 20 teams of sled dogs relayed to deliver:

A) 1 million cans of food B) 1 million units of diphtheria antitoxin C) 1 million books D) A babySiberian

Huskies often communicate by:

A) Pawing B) Barking C) Howling D) Interpretive dance

Corgis were bred to:

A) Hunt foxes B) Herd cattle C) Jump fences D) Dig holes

The two main corgi breeds are:

A) Pembroke and Cardigan B) Pippin and Wellington C) Buttershire and Toastington D) Westminster and West Highland

Corgi are most susceptible to problems with their:

A) Hips B) Teeth C) Fur D) Feet

Corgi’s short legs help them:

A) Roll on the ground B) Avoid cows’ kicks C) Run faster D) Dig

Check back for answers next week! HQ Signature

Coyotes! Did you know?

20221121 Real Live Animal Post Coyote-01

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