Monthly Sapphire Membership - Animal Jam

CS bunny We are thankful for our Animal Jam community and have heard your feedback regarding the Sapphire Monthly Membership. Monthly Sapphire Membership will remain 400 Sapphires. If you have purchased Monthly Membership at 700 Sapphires, please contact our support team with your username and parent email for one of our team members to assist you. Have a wonderful Jamaalidays! HQ Signature

Jamaaliday Pet Expedition!

vlcsnap-2021-12-07-15h24m12s995 Limited-time Jamaaliday Pet Expedition is in Animal Jam, and you won’t want to miss it! This special Pet Expedition is only available for the first few days of the Jamaalidays, and you can only send one pet on it, so be sure to choose wisely. Your pet will be gone for a longer time than other Pet Expeditions, but who knows: they might just return with a very special reward! HQ Signature

Trivia Tuesday - Capybara!

image (82) Time for Trivia Tuesday!Today’s focus is the Capybara!

Capybaras need to live in areas with: A) Sand to dig in B) Plains to run through C) Water to swim in D) Mountains to climb

Capybaras are the largest kind of: A) Goat B) Rodent C) Sheep D) Rat

In Japan, capybaras can be found in: A) Hot springs B) Snowy mountains C) Oceans D) City parks

Capybaras’ scientific name, Hydrochoerinae, means: A) “Good swimmer” B) “Grass-eater” C) “Big rat” D) “Water hog” HQ Signature

answers: CBAD