Super Sweets is back in Play Wild!

20180930 PW SuperSweets

Satiate your sweet tooth with Super Sweets, the Night of the Phantoms themed minigame in Play Wild! Battle phantoms as you become a matching master of all of their favorite candies! Now is a great time to get into Play Wild; it’s available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store! If you already play on you can log into Play Wild using your current AJ Username and Password! So cool!


Haunted Hideout Bundle and Spooky Snow Leopard

20180929 HauntedHideout Bundle Want to get the Spooky Snow Leopard EARLY? The Spooky Snow Leopard is available NOW with the Haunted Hideout Bundle, available exclusively at! The Haunted Hideout Bundle also comes with a new Night of the Phantoms themed den, the Greely’s Haunted Hideout Den, the exclusive Haunted Armor, as well as a giant collection of den items. Already have a membership in Animal Jam? These bundles will stack onto your current membership; plus don’t forget all membership at also awards membership in Play Wild! Win, Win! HQ