Trivia Tuesday - Chameleons

Trivia Tuesday (Instagram Post (Square))

Test your knowledge in today’s Trivia Tuesday about our latest Pet Chameleon!

Chameleons are solitary creatures that prefer to live alone! Even when they’re kept as pets, they need a lot of space, privacy, and natural plant cover to feel comfortable and safe! Being held by people can stress them out.

Chameleons change color based on:

A) Their surroundings B) Their emotions C) Temperature D) Party vibes

In the wild, chameleons tend to be:

A) Solitary and territorial B) Curious and explorative C) Social and familial D) Party animals

A chameleon’s tongue can extend within: A) 1 second B) 1/2 of a second C) 1/4 of a second D) 1/16 of a second

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Answers: BAD HQ Signature