Trivia Tuesday: Rhino

Are you ready for Rhino Trivia?

Which of these is NOT a type of rhino? A) Black rhino B) Sumatran rhino C) Grey rhino D) Javan rhino

What do rhinos rely on to keep their skin pest-free? A) Oxpecker birds B) Bark C) Bug spray D) Tall grass

A group of rhinos is called a: A) Pack B) Crash C) Troop D) Stampede

A rhino’s horn is made from a substance similar to: A) Bones B) Fingernails C) Rock D) Teeth

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Rhino Answers: CABB

Today is National Pet Bird Day!

image (147) Today is National Pet Bird Day! Join us in celebrating by sharing what you love most about your pet birds or if you have any tips on becoming a good pet bird owner. Did you know that there are nearly 6 million homes in America with pet birds?! HQ Signature