Playing Animal Jam is Easy!

We have heard some Jammers have been having difficulty logging in to Animal Jam on a PC! There are two great ways to log in to Animal Jam. You can download the AJ Desktop app from OR you can use a browser and just enable Flash. Recent Chrome updates have disabled Flash; this handy video will show you how to enable Flash so you can log in and play with your pals! Have an awesome weekend Jammers! #AnimalJam #KidsGames

Obsidian Items Available at Moku'ahi

20190823 PWObsidianItems-01 These accessories and items are HOT! Well, okay, technically they used to be MOLTEN, but who’s counting? New Obsidian Accessories and Den Items are just starting to arrive in Moku’ahi! Have you checked them out? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Bob Ross Masterpiece Winners!

20190823 Masterpiece Prize Announcement-01 Did you get a chance to check out Play Wild’s Bob Ross challenge with Cinno? Congratulations to these lucky Jammers, they each will receive a copy of those wonderful Masterpieces from the video: Aestheticpudding, Meself2, Kotek8, Littlemisstiger123, Katye16, Luckwolf327, Hawkmon96, Cheetahbug, Forestwolf113, Featherstar57. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, make sure to give it a watch! This video is not to be missed!