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image (266) Spectacular Picnic Dens by bananapotato51, patches96, phoebefatcat, rosyartistick, sara12992, satinestar! Thank you opening your dens and providing fabulous snacks too! Any suggestions on what types of dens we should tour next?

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What is your style?

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What is your style? Select from the items on the following slides and share your results!

A. Kawaii Aesthetic B. Space Vibes C. Adventure Mode

Or maybe a combination too!

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Fantastically fluffy red pandas have returned to Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic

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Fantastically fluffy red pandas have returned to Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop and Animal Jam Classic’s Diamond Shop! These rare animals are only found along certain forested mountain ranges in Asia! In fact, they’re SO unique that they belong to their own animal family called Ailuridae! (Special credit to pokemongirl0325 for their art!) #AnimalJam #AnimalJamClassic

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