World Rhino Day has arrived!

20180922 WorldRhinoDay World Rhino Day has arrived! Join us in celebrating the regal endangered creatures that may have inspired the unicorns of lore. Learn more about these unique creatures by clicking the banners around Jamaa – with our help these real-life ‘unicorns’ may have a chance to continue to dazzle us for many generations to come! #AnimalJam #PlayWild HQ

Parade of Dens - Fall Dens!

Things are falling into place, just in time for Autumn in Jamaa. Visit our YouTube channel and check out amazing Autumn themed dens, in our latest Parade of Dens episode! We enjoyed visiting these Animal Jam and Play Wild fall dens by: Periwinklegrey, Snowleopard4ever, Cowz, Coretoon, Germari, Galaxylionn, Tinybunnyblossom and Ava1234ava! Each den featured in Parade of Dens will receive an Epic Den Plaque. Do you have an amazing den or know of one? Comment below and let us know!


Red Panda Takeover!

20180916 RedPandaClaw The most cuddly critters to ever grace Jamaa have finally acheived Claw Machine Infamy! Stop by the Diamond Shop today to purchase your own Red Panda Claw and complete your EPIC plushie collection. HQ

Unicorn Armor now in Play Wild!

20180919 PW UnicornArmor

No the meadow is NOT on fire, but now is your chance to free your inner Charlie. The most fantastical Unicorn Armor, EVER, has arrived in Play Wild! Be the Unicorn you have always wanted to be. Gorillacorn? Check. Llamacorn? Check, Check. Komodocorn? Triple Mega Check! Be all the corns of your dreams; you might even find that magical Liopleurodon (NOT INCLUDED)… now available in Play Wild! HQ