Did you know? - Chameleons

20230523 Eagle and Chameleons-02 (1) Did you know? Chameleons are solitary creatures that prefer to live alone! Even when they’re kept as pets, they need a lot of space, privacy, and natural plant cover to feel comfortable and safe! Being held by people can stress them out.

Available in Animal Jam! Have you adopted yours? Tell us about your chameleon below!

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Join AJHQ and the Jambassadors for a Galactic Games Event!

20230523 Space Jambassador Event-01

TODAY at 4pm mst, join AJHQ and the Jambassadors for a Galactic Games Event!

Event details:

  • Thursday May 25th at 4pm MST/ 5pm CST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT.

  • Come dressed in your best space #AJLooks!

Den hosts are subject to change so we recommend trying a few dens:











To join the party visit any of the dens to play games, earn prizes, and more!

As usual, dens will be unlocked at the start time (we will lock and unlock throughout the event to allow for opportunities for all to join).

Parties last for one hour or for as long as the host wishes to continue

Keep in mind that each player and AJHQ are one person moving from Animal Jam to Animal Jam Classic for fun with you. Typically their time is split between games so check their posts for details.

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Trivia Tuesday - The Moon!

Trivia Tuesday The Moon

Trivia that is out of this world! Let’s head to the moon!!!

How big is the moon?

A) About the size of Earth

B) 1/2 the size of Earth

C) 1/3 the size of Earth

D) 1/5 the size of Earth

The moon rotates at:

A) A speed faster than Earth

B) The same rate as Earth

C) The same rate as its orbit

D) It doesn’t rotate

Scientists believe the moon is made of:

A) Asteroid

B) Chunks from Earth

C) Meteor

D) Cheese

Check back next week for answers!

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