Jamaallywood Villa has arrived in Animal Jam!

20210815 September Den Bundle-02 20210707 Shop Icons Sapphire Shop (1) Treat yourself like a celebrity in the JAMAALLYWOOD VILLA, Animal Jam’s newest den! You and your buddies can now live in glitz and glamor with the Jamallywood Villa Bundle, located in the Sapphire Shop or through the Jamaa Journal. It comes with the den, music, and a stylish collection of den items not available anywhere else! HQ Signature

Are you ready for some bioluminescent trivia?

image (133) Are you ready for some bioluminescent trivia?

The chemical reaction for bioluminescence needs: A) Chloroplasts B) Neon C) Hydrogen D) Luciferin

Which of these creatures is NOT bioluminescent? A) Comb jellies B) Earthworms C) Some fungi D) Fireflies

Light from bioluminescence can be used to: A) Attract prey B) Distract predators C) Communicate D) All of the above

Some creatures become bioluminescent by: A) Eating bioluminescent creatures B) Moving fast C) Absorbing light D) Dancing

Bioluminescence Trivia Answers: DBDA