Mountain Hideaway in Animal Jam!

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Travel to a picturesque mountain retreat with the Mountain Hideaway, Jamaa’s newest den in the Animal Jam Sapphire Shop! You’ve got all the time in the world to soak up the view, so stop and smell the flowers! The Mountain Hideaway Den Bundle comes with the new den, music, and a collection of mountain den items that can’t be found anywhere else! How will you decorate your newest space?

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Trivia Facts - Pet Rats!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts about Pet Rats below!

Rats are most closely related to:

A) Cats B) Dogs C) Weasels D) Humans

Rats can fit through openings as small as:

A) Their shoulders B) Their butt C) Their head D) Their foot

Norway rats, a.k.a. brown rats, actually originated in:

A) Norway B) Denmark C) England D) China

Rats typically cool off by:

A) Going for a swim B) Controlling the blood vessels in their tail C) Drinking water D) Hopping inside the freezer

Check back next week for answers!

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Answers: D,C,D,B

Trade Fairly!

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Trade Fairly! Protect your items and do not be fooled by tricks that sound too good to be true for your prized items!

What would you do in these situations?

  • A player starts with the phrase “Giving My List In My Den”
  • A player says “you just troll me don’t actually complete the trade”
  • They give the instructions like this “accept but then decline after while you wait” “accept accept cancel”, “accept accept decline”, “green green red”, “accept twice and then cancel”

What are the red flags in these situations?

  • Players do not typically give their entire list
  • You could ask them to place their items in their My Shop for viewing
  • If you have accepted and they accept before you decline then you will lose your items

What should you do?

  • Consider every trade to be final for the items that you are seeing in the display window
  • Only select accept when you are completely confident in the trade
  • Do not feel pressured to make a trade or view a players items
  • If you feel uneasy in the situation, here are options to keep yourself safe and to report players for breaking the rules are to; report them, block them, and if needed you can always go to a different area and log off as well

Always a good idea to play it safe whenever you are trading. Trade fairly and safely at all times!

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