International Bat Appreciation Day!

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International Bat Appreciation Day! Today is the day to celebrate these wonderful creatures! In honor of their special day, head into Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic and take your pet bats out around Jamaa! Do you have interesting bat facts to share?

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Updated: Spring Spot The Difference! Winners and Answers included!

Animal Jam Classic Original: image (278)

Animal Jam Classic Changed: image (279)

Animal Jam Original: image (280)

Animal Jam Changed: image (281)

Congrats to our winners!
Animal Jam Classic - Lefo Animal Jam - Tims87 Spring Spot The Difference! How many differences can you find in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic’s AJHQ Den?

Here’s how to play: View both pictures in our post of our Spring Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam Dens.

Respond in the comments below including your username, game you are entering your guess for, how many differences you spot and what they are.

1st to REPSPOND INCLUDING the total number of differences and items for Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic’s den wins!

Happy searching!

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Answers: image (283) AJC Answers: 8 Missing Hanging Lamp Egg Missing Polkadot on Egg Plant Bow Smiley Face on Egg Bunny Tail Purple Extra Carrot Line Missing Stair Lines Candy Added Under Table The green egg has a moon instead of a star

image (282) AJ Answers: 8 Added Flower to Egg Blue Flower Changed to Black Dots on Egg Extra Leaf on Pink Flower Basket Extra Pumpkins Removed Pink Line on Egg Removed Flower by Window Added Line of Grass

Studio Ghibli Animal Jam Den Tutorial!

Discover new ways to bring your favorite stories to life in Animal Jam with our latest Den Decoration Tutorial! Using inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s classic movie “Howl’s Moving Castle,” we’ve revamped the new Mountain Hideaway den to create the perfect setting for magic, mystery, and fun!

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Celebrate National Dolphin Day!

20220413 National Dolphin Day-01 Celebrate National Dolphin Day! Dolphins live in almost every ocean in the world! In honor of dolphins today, share what you find interesting about dolphins, facts, your favorite dolphin look, or beach den!

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