Hyenas have arrived in Play Wild!

20180926 PW Hyena The Night of the Phantoms has arrived in Play Wild, along with the newest animal to set foot in Jamaa, the Hyena! The Haunted Hyena bundle in #PlayWild includes the new Hyena and TWO outfits just in time for Night of the Phantoms: The Sorceress’s and Sorcerer’s outfits, complete with the Book of Spells and Scrolls of Mystery! Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store! If you already play on AnimalJam.com you can log into Play Wild using your same Username and Password! So cool! HQ

Autumn Dens in Animal Jam and Play Wild! | Animal Jam - Parade of Dens

We can’t get enough of these fun fall dens; we love them so much! This Parade of Dens episode tours the amazing Animal Jam and Play Wild dens of: Bopp, Cutebunny92264, Cottonstrawberry, Athsper123, Sparkkling, Lynxiia, Lacings and Chadalan30. Congrats Jammers! Each den featured in Parade of Dens will receive an Epic Den Plaque. WOOT! Do you have an amazing den or know of one? Let us know the username in the comments below! We will be keeping an eye open for awesome Night of the Phantoms themed dens as we head into October.


Harvest Runs Leaderboard Champs!

Harvest Runs Champions Septermber 2018

Congratulations to our Harvest Pack Run Champions: Munchkin Monsterz, Bon Temps, Insaneclownposse, Lilpeepz, Dark Rain and Xвост феи ! Each member of these packs will be receiving the special community prize of the Wind-Up Key! WHOAH! The new update for Play Wild has just arrived and the Pumpkin Patrol Pack Runs are in full swing! Pull your pack together and compete for the Championship prize for this month: a rare Moustache and Chops. Good luck everyone!