AJHQ is very pleased that Jammers are making Jamaa such a safe and fun place to learn and play. Here are some helpful suggestions to keep it that way!

NEVER give out your password.  Each Jammer is responsible for their own account, so it's best to never share your account information with anyone, not even your friends.  Nobody wants to lose any of their gems or very special items.  Did you know that giving out your password is against the Animal Jam rules?


Don't forget to create a safe and secure password!  Using both letters and numbers makes it harder for people to guess your password.


ONLY trade items if you're SURE you're willing to give them up!  Don't be afraid to say 'no' to a trade!  It’s OK!


If you ever want a refresher on any of the rules, or need to report another player, just click the badge in the upper-right portion of the game screen!


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Thanks for reading the DAILY EXPLORER!!! Why do you think it's important to be kind online???

Animal Jam HQ

Safety - Respect Online




Here's an important SAFETY announcement from AJHQ!


We are very happy that so many Jammers are practicing RESPECT online. Jammers are pulling together and encouraging kindness while playing Animal Jam! Way to go!!!



Jamaa is the perfect place for Jammers from all over the world to have fun and explore, but at times people can try to scam and cheat the AJ Rules!


Sometimes you may receive trade requests that seem way too good to be true. If you're offered expensive items for something that is common, it may mean someone is cheating the AJ Rules! And that's no fun!!!


Let's keep Jamaa fun and respectful by encouraging each other to practice RESPECT online!!!


How do you practice RESPECT online?

Animal Jam HQ

Safety - Playing Nicely




Hello Jammers!


Jamaa is a happy and vibrant place because Jammers make it that way. We are so happy that Jammers are doing their best to be kind to each other. That being said, we'd like to give a few tips to playing safely in Jamaa!


Remember to Play Nice Jammers! You don't like it when people are mean to you, so you should all respect each other and treat people kindly. We're all buddies!


Also, don't forget to use kind words! Let's keep Jamaa a happy place by being nice to everyone. When people are mean or bully each other, it makes the internet less fun.


Lastly, remember never to share any personal information to anybody online. This can mean your full name, phone number, home address, email address, school name, or your username and password to Animal Jam or any other site.


Thanks Jammers! Don't forget that playing wild means playing safely!

Animal Jam HQ