Remember to Play Safe Online!

20201025 Safety Password-04 The safest way to play safe online is to make sure you have a safe password and don’t share it with anyone.. not even your BFF! Make sure your password is complex and not easily guessable. Bad examples of passwords would be: your name, your birthday, your school, or other easily guessable passwords such as Iloveaj. Use capital letters, numbers and symbols as an extra layer of complexity in your password and remember.. NEVER share your password with anyone or use it on other sites! HQ Signature

Safety - Remember to keep your information private!

20200627 AJSafety-01 Keeping your personal information private is one of the biggest keys to keeping safe online. Whether you are playing Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic, or using the internet to keep in touch with friends while social distancing; being careful about your personal information is something you should always practice. Stay safe online! Don’t share your personal private information, email, passwords, phone number, social usernames or other private information with anyone online. Be careful about what you share online, keep you and your information safe! HQ Signature

Happy Safer Internet Day!!!

Animal Jam is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day! Have you seen the cool banners located around Jamaa? You can click on them to learn tips and tricks to help you practice safety online! Do you have what it takes to click on all the banners scattered throughout Jamaa?


As part of our effort to help you stay safe online, and keep your accounts secure, we have put together a video on internet safety.

Also, be sure to check out the Internet Safety Quiz in the Conservation Museum in Appondale! Complete the quiz and earn a prize. Want to learn more about how to play safely online? 

Visit the Animal Jam Rules page:



Play Safe and Jam On!

Safety - Personal Identifying Information

At AJHQ, we encourage Jammers to be creative and share their work, but we also want them to practice internet safety while doing so! Did you know that sharing your social media channel name, in game, is considered Personal Identifying Information (PII) and against Animal Jam rules?


At AJHQ, we are legally obligated to moderate sharing of Personal Identifying Information in game. Our filter blocks it, but if you try to dodge the filter, it can result in a disciplinary action on your account. Stay safe! Keep your personal information, your username and your password to yourself!


Play safe and Jam On!