Jammer Tip - What happens when a player is reported?

Reported Player

When a player doesn't follow the Animal Jam rules, it is paw-sible that they can get reported by other players. AJHQ works very hard to review reports sent in by Jammers who feel another Jammer has broken some rules.

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If a reported Jammer is found to be breaking the Animal Jam Rules, appropriate action will be taken against their player account. If a reported Jammer has been falsely accused, no action will be taken.

If you have reported a Jammer and they continue to break the Animal Jam Rules, you can always block them to stop all communication from them. You can also move to a new land or a new world and continue to have uninterrupted fun in Jamaa.

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Thanks for making Jamaa such a safe and fun environment! If you want to learn more, visit the HELP CENTER! Be cool and play safe!