Trivia Tuesday - Winter!

Trivia Tuesday Winter sq

This Trivia Tuesday, there’s a chill coming in! Get ready for snow, ‘cause it’s time to begin!

To grow its ice crystals, a snowflake needs:

A) Cold temperatures B) A particle of pollen or dust C) High altitude D) The spirit of winter

Snowflakes are hexagonal because of:

A) The structure of crystals B) Aerodynamics C) The shape of a water molecule D) Their vibes

About how much water is in 1 cup of snow?

A) 1/12 cup B) 1/6 cup C) 1/2 cup D) 1 cup

Check back next week for answers! HQ Signature

Winter is snow amazing!

Winter Art

Winter is snow amazing! Check out these beautiful masterpieces from soba35 and l30ra! This week, share your winter or Jamaaliday themed Masterpieces, Masterblocks and Mastertracks! Winners will be featured through 12/16.

How to participate: -Create a Masterpiece, Masterblock or even a jingling MasterTrack and take a snap of your winter entry!

-Share your username, indicate either Animal Jam or AJ Classic, and leave your den unlocked throughout the event for our team to view your entry

-Event ends on 12/16

Each player featured will receive a special surprise (Prizes will only be awarded to the player featured)! HQ Signature


202212 Jamaalidays Epic Bundle-02 (1) (1)

The EPIC JAMAALIDAYS BUNDLE is packed with delight Like a moose, owl, and fennec fox to make winter bright! A pet rockhopper penguin, Pet Tokens, and dens, It’s a joy to be shared with all of your friends! This holiday bundle is stuffed with much more So unwrap this great deal to see what’s in store!

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Special Delivery!

20221210 Owlbert Special Delivery-01

Through the airs of Jamaa soars an owl, flying high! With presents to drop from the Jamaaliday sky!

Owlbert the delivery owl is keeping busy this season! Every once in a while, he’ll leave his perch in Sarepia Forest to make a Special Delivery to one of the lands of Jamaa! #AnimalJam #kidsgames #mobilegames #AJJamaalidays

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