Cool Autumn Looks And Art!

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You can almost hear the leaves rustling through the trees when you are see these autumnal Masterpieces and Looks by: Jewellie, toobrokefordesigner, Ута44ка, Saviorsqueen, Байзи, Falk3y, Kenzie88888, MattyKurlzz, puppylovetoocool, and Loafermoon. We will be sending them a special prize! Have a great weekend everyone!


So Many Wonderful Colors of Jamaa!

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Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Jamaa, so many wonderful colors! We loved these autumnal themed Masterpieces and Looks by: ashleywolfxy, Pearldragon76, Batdonut123. We will be sending each of them a secret prize! HQ

Expansion of Pet Nurturing!

20191107 PetExpeditions Post1 The new Play Wild update is here, along with an expansion of pet nurturing; new levels and new fun interactions with your pets! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so check it out for yourself! Play Wild is available for download in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, theAmazon App Store and on Steam! HQ