Jamaaliday Update!

2023121 Jamaaliday Update-01

The Animal Jam Jamaaliday update is coming early next week! This month is packed with surprises, and we’re so excited to share the magic!

To thank you for your patience as we get everything wrapped up, we are EXTENDING the Lightside vs Darkside event for a few more days! Be sure to redeem your Lightside and Darkside points for prizes before the new update arrives!

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Jambassador Plushies!

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-09

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-01

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-08

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-02

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-06

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-03

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JamW3PlushiesPost IG-04

JamW3PlushiesPost IG-07

Join us in celebrating our amazing Wave 3 Jambassadors who have made a significant impact in our community over the past two years. A huge thank you to these dedicated individuals for all their hard work and commitment!

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