Rare Item Monday - Rare Hero Mask

20180903 AJ HeroMask20180903 PW HerosMask When the world needs saving from the dastardly phantoms, sometimes you need to become the Hero Jamaa needs. Embrace your alter ego with the Rare Hero Mask for Animal Jam and the Rare Hero’s Mask for Play Wild on this Rare Item Monday! HQ

Another AJHQ Mailtime!

Time for another Mailtime extravaganza! Stop over at our YouTube channel and check out the latest Mailtime video! We have such a great community, we love reading the messages sent to us each day, and as always we enjoy reading each thoughtful message. Thank you AJ and Play Wild Community for being so awesome!


Back to School Dens

20180902 BackToSchool

Time to head back to school and hit those books. Do you know of any fabulous school-themed dens in Jamaa? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to visit!


Pack Leaderboard Champs!

Leaderboard champion post August 31 2018

Congratulations to the Leaderboard Champions for the Shellstravaganza Pack Runs, for all languages: Moonlight Monsterz, Bon Temps, Salvajes Felices, хвост феи, Crunchy and Insaneclownposse! Each member of the Champion pack will be receiving the super rarest Viking Hat! WHOAH!!!!!! The Autumn Harvest Pack Runs have just started; the Champion Pack members for Harvest Pack Runs will each win the Wind-up Key! There is a lot of time to compete, grab your pack mates and work together! HQ