Masterpiece Collab - Diagon Alley

We have been working with fantastic Animal Jam Community Artists on this latest collaborative Masterpiece Mural. Visit our YouTube Channel and check out this amazing Speed Collab! We had a blast in taking part in this magical themed Masterpiece Collab! Congrats to the following AJ Community Artists: Silverstorm792, Brightsidekate, Redwing, Joliezac, Spiritpaw05, RainbowFlyingDash, Artistictiger5, Loviecats1, Lemonsharkie, Stormytonya, Cheetah10260, Shadowbluefire, Chocolate4froggy, LuminousSparkle, Kidkitty, Queenpokepuff and Hyenine1! They will be receiving a Fan Art Plaque and a Masterpiece Token for their den! Comment below if you have an idea for a new Masterpiece Collab and have a collab team ready to participate!


Autumn Harvest Run!

20180904 PackRun AutumnHarvest

The fall season is here with the Autumn Harvest Run, the new Pack Run for Play Wild! Collect crops as you run through the new autumn-themed harvest map; grab the most carrots, pumpkins, wheat and ears of corn before the timer’s up. At the end of the month, the members of the Leaderboard Champion Pack, for each language, will win the coveted Wind-up Key! Grab your pack mates, collect the Harvest and have a blast! HQ

Rare Item Monday - Rare Hero Mask

20180903 AJ HeroMask20180903 PW HerosMask When the world needs saving from the dastardly phantoms, sometimes you need to become the Hero Jamaa needs. Embrace your alter ego with the Rare Hero Mask for Animal Jam and the Rare Hero’s Mask for Play Wild on this Rare Item Monday! HQ

Another AJHQ Mailtime!

Time for another Mailtime extravaganza! Stop over at our YouTube channel and check out the latest Mailtime video! We have such a great community, we love reading the messages sent to us each day, and as always we enjoy reading each thoughtful message. Thank you AJ and Play Wild Community for being so awesome!