Mystical Wing Bundle!

Mystical Wings

The Mystical Wings Bundle includes FIVE unique sets of wings, and can be found in the AJ Premium Shop in the top right corner! Be sure to to check out the Mystical Sapphire Wings from the Sapphire Shop too!

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Outfit of the day challenge!


-AJ DE- OOTD Video 1

Join us at 6pm MST for an Outfit of the day challenge. Follow the instructions below on how to participate!

  • 6pm MST head to Animal Jam or AJ Classic
  • Dress your favorite animal exactly like AJHQ (same items/colors)
  • Pet must be included
  • Drop your username below to let us know you entered.
  • Hope to see you there! –>

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Crystal Falls Den Bundle!

Crystal Falls

Bring the wonders of Crystallis home with CRYSTAL FALLS, Jamaa’s newest den! The Crystal Falls Bundle comes with the new den, music, and stunning crystal items to make your den SHINE! ✨

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