Trivia Tuesday - Dolphins!

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Time for Trivia Tuesday! Find Trivia Facts about Dolphins below!

Dolphins share a Family with:

A) Porpoises B) Whales C) Manatees D) Killer whales

On the evolutionary tree, dolphins are nearest to:

A) Manatees B) Bats C) Chipmunks D) Deer

Dolphins are native to:

A) The Pacific Ocean B) The Amazon River C) The Atlantic Ocean D) All of the above

Bottlenosed dolphins can live to be about:

A) 15 years old B) 20 years old C) 30 years old D) 50 years old

Check back next week for answers!

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Answers: D,D,D,D

International Bat Appreciation Day!

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International Bat Appreciation Day! Today is the day to celebrate these wonderful creatures! In honor of their special day, head into Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic and take your pet bats out around Jamaa! Do you have interesting bat facts to share?

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