Golden Galaxy Honeybee!

Honeybee and Cat pride Bundle-01

Buzzing with excitement! Get your own pet Golden Galaxy Honeybees and in celebration of National Honeybee Day! Visit the Sapphire icon in the top corner to find these limited-time companions.

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Did you know? - Fox

20230712 Fox & Oppossum Live Animal Post-05

Have you ever seen a baby fox? They are called kits! These adorable creatures start off with gray fur and blue eyes, but as they grow older, their fur turns into a beautiful shade of orange, just like their eyes!

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Asiatic Lion Concept Art!

Lion-01 (1)

Lion-05 (1)

Lion-03 (1)

Lion-06 (1)

Lion-02 (1)

Check out our amazing Concept Artist’s portrayal of the Asiatic Lion! Take a closer look and hear their thoughts during the design process.

“The word ‘resilient’ resonated deeply with me as I delved into creating this artwork. These majestic creatures face extreme endangerment, with merely 500 individuals remaining in the wild, confined to a sole forest reserve in India. Witness the spirit of survival!”

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Pet Octopuses!

octopus bundle gif

Introducing our newest arrivals at the Sapphire Shop - adorable and clever little adoptable PET OCTOPUSES! Hurry over and meet these fascinating creatures today! HQ Signature