Happy World Smile Day!

World Smile Day

Today is World Smile Day! 😁 To celebrate, invite your buddies to your dens or even stampede into various areas of Jamaa sharing your smiles! Spread some positivity throughout the game by making others smile!

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SNEAK PEEK: Night of the Phantoms SPOOKTACULAR!

SNEAK PEEK: this month’s Animal Jam Night of the Phantoms update is going to be spook-tacular! Check out what’s new in Jamaa by playing Animal Jam for free throughout October - available for desktop at https://www.animaljam.com/ and on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores! HQ Signature

What if I want to change the Parent Email of my player account, or I haven't accessed my Parent Dashboard yet?

image (174) What if I want to change the Parent Email of my player account, or I haven’t accessed my Parent Dashboard yet? No worries! You can add or update a Parent Email at any time. Having a Parent Email is an important step that allows you to recover your player account if you lose your password, turn on 2-Step Verification, and manage the settings of your child’s account!

I have not activated my Parent Email:

  • Activate your Parent Email by opening Animal Jam and tapping on the Settings Menu in the top right corner.
  • Go to the Parent Tools tab of the Settings menu, then choose “Update Parent Email” and follow the prompts.

I need to update my Parent Email:

  • Visit https://parents.animaljam.com/ and log in with your current Parent Email and its password.
  • Follow the steps provided in the article below.

Helpful Links: How to I change my parent email

How do I add an email to my account

Create a support ticket

Time to test your Gecko knowledge with Tuesday Trivia!

image (170) Time to test your Gecko knowledge with Tuesday Trivia!

Most Geckos are active when: a) They are diurnal and as active only in the day. b) They are nocturnal and only come out during the night. c) They are crepuscular and come out during dawn and dusk. d) They are active whenever they feel like it.

Why do geckos lose their tails sometimes? a) It’s broken b) To get away from predators c) Because it is too heavy d) All the above

Geckos typically eat: a) fruits b) insects c) flower nectar d) All the above

Geckos are found on every area except: a) Antarctica b) rain forests c) deserts d) mountains

Geckos cling to surfaces using their: A) Tongues B) Claws C) Toes D) Tails

There are more than _____ species of gecko in the world. A) 50 B) 100 C) 1,000 D) 10,000

Geckos use their tongues to: A) Clean their eyes B) Groom themselves C) Cling to trees D) Lick their enemies

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