Tuesday Trivia - Raccoons!

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Over the rainbow excited for this round of Raccoon Trivia!

Raccoon forepaws are impressive because of their: A) Sharp claws B) Dexterity C) Gripping strength D) Little fingies

Raccoons use their forepaws to: A) Pry things open B) Pick up objects C) Wash their food D) All of the above

The raccoon’s Latin name, “lotor”, means: A) Washer B) Nocturnal C) Masked D) Alien

Answers: B,D,A HQ Signature

Best Buddy Mission!

Best Buddy Missions-01 Best Buddy Missions-02

There is nothing like having a best buddy! Check your buddy skills with Animal Jam’s Best Buddy Mission! Call out one of your buddies in the comments below and let them know why they are so special to you! ❤️ Complete Missions to earn prizes and rewards, plus Badges for your Player Card! To start a mission, tap on the tab on the left side of your screen! #AJmissions #AJMissionconcept #AnimalJam #AJPW #minigames #ajjammertips #ajjammertip HQ Signature

Did you know? - Quokka!

20230217 Quokka and Pigeon Real Live Post-01

Did you know? Quokkas are native to an island in southwestern Australia known as Rottnest Island, or as Wadjemup by the Aboriginal Whadjuk Noongar people! The name quokka comes from their Noongar name: kwoka!

20230217 Quokka and Pigeon Real Live Post-02 HQ Signature