Hamster Pets have arrived in Animal Jam!

20210608 Hamster Pet Items-01 Hamster Pets have arrived in Animal Jam! A teeny fluffy new pal has arrived in the Sapphire Shop Today! Remember to head to Claws and Paws to spoil your little addition with a new accessory or pet toy like the HAMSTER’S WHEEL or HAMSTER’S DANCE PAD! What activities you do with your hamsters at home or in game? HQ Signature

Pet Contest In Animal Jam!

20210607 Call For Entires Pet Contest-01 Is there a pet you’d like to see in Animal Jam? Real or imaginary, you can draw and submit your idea using the PAINTING activity! Once you’ve created your art, enter the contest by tapping the CONTEST button, during the month of June! The winning artwork will be featured in the Jamaa Journal, and become a new pet in Jamaa this summer! HQ Signature

Den Item Designers!

20210607 Call For Entires Pet Contest-02 Have you heard?! This month Animal Jam Classic is calling for den designers and artists to participate in an in-game event to enter their Den Item Designs! Have your ideas ready, head to Coral Canyons, select the paint tool to draft your design, and choose the send to AJ option to enter your creation. Entries will be accepted throughout June and 10 designs will be selected and developed for release in August! What den items have you been waiting for to create that perfect den layout? HQ Signature