Congrats to our Firework Finders!

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Congrats to our finders skyscraperarrow12 and Sillmonkey2021! We hope you enjoyed the fireworks display in Animal Jam with 6 Star Fireworks, 12 Paw Prints, 7 Bunny Fireworks and Animal Jam Classic’s 10 Paw Prints Fireworks, 1 Bunny Fireworks, 7 Phantom Fireworks and 3 Star Fireworks!

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Happy New Year Find It Challenge!

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Happy New Year Find It Challenge! How many of each type of firework can you find in AJHQ’s Animal Jam Classic and Animal Jam dens? AJHQ has decorated for the New Year and hid some fireworks in their dens in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic! Head in the game to see if you can find all of them. 1st with the closest without going over wins!

Welcome to 2022!

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Welcome to 2022! We have enjoyed providing content for this community and had some exciting highlights from last year. We want to hear from you about what events and posts you would like to see this year? Share your ideas below!

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