Animal Jam Den Jamaaliday Makeover Edition!


20220905 Returning Den Bracket Cover

20220905 Returning Den Bracket Round 1 My Predictions

20220905 Returning Den Bracket Option 1

20220905 Returning Den Bracket Option 2

20220905 Returning Den Bracket Option 4

20220905 Returning Den Bracket Option 3

Which den needs a Jamaaliday makeover this December? We’re getting ready for the Jamaalidays, and we need your vote on which den you think should be released with a JAMAALIDAY twist! Will it be a Jamaaaliday Beach House? A Jamaaliday Alpine Lodge? Look through all the dens, and choose carefully!

Here’s how to vote: -Comment with the ONE den you want to vote on! -Votes (One vote per player per round) will be tallied on the Daily Explorer each day and closed for the next round!

The winning den will be announced on September 12th, and become a real Jamaaliday variant den this December!

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Trivia Tuesday - Joey!

image (624) It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Jump into some fun facts about kangaroo joeys, and learn more about these springy marsupials!

Kangaroo joeys are born as small as:

A) A baseball B) A golf ball C) A grape D) A grain of rice

Kangaroo joeys can stay exclusively in the pouch for:

A) 1 month B) 2 months C) 3 months D) 4 months

When do kangaroo joeys usually leave their mothers?

A) 10 months old B) 1 year old C) 2 years old D) 18 years old

A group of kangaroos is called a:

A) Mob B) Pack C) Hop D) Kangaroommates

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Check back for answers next week!