March 17th Jamaa Weather Report!

WeatherReport-wildflower75 Player wildflower75 reporting live from Jamaa: Today in Jamaa Township we’ll see storms of gems. It is advised that you bring an umbrella that doubles as a basket so you can avoid getting hit and also get rich :D Over by Mount Shiveer will be a series of freak snowstorms, throughout the day we’ll see them worsen and also lighten up. We suggest you avoid this land for as long as it takes for this series of storms to disappear. The Temple of Zios will be VERY, VERY, humid. Don’t go there unless you want to experience the extreme crave of jumping into a pool. The rest of Jamaa, particularly Appondale, Coral Canyons, Crystal Sands, and Moku’ahi will be hot. Very hot. In fact, due to all the crazy weather happening around the land of Jamaa, we meteorologists at Jamaa News recommend that you don’t leave your den at all in order to avoid the insane weather. Mira must be against us today! - wildflower75 HQ Signature

It's your lucky day!

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