Spring has arrived!

20200402 BuildYourOwnGarden Bundle-01 Spring has arrived; time to get out and plant that spring garden! The newest monthly Membership Bundle from AnimalJam.com/join delivers early access to fantastic Build Your Own Garden Den Items, the Spring Cottage and more! Don’t forget that Membership in Animal Jam also delivers Member benefits in Play Wild! HQ Signature

Play Wild's newest animal, the Ili Pika!

20200402 IliPika-03 Give a big Jamaa welcome to Play Wild’s newest animal, the Ili Pika! This mountain-dwelling cutie has eluded scientists for years, but you can get your first glimpse by visiting the Sapphire Shop! The Ili Pika bundle comes with your own adorable, teddy bear faced Ili Pika as well as TWO unique outfits! Play Wild is available for download on: the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and for PC from AnimalJam.com/apps!
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Pet Teacup Dragon!

20200401 Pet Teacup Dragon-01 Not to be confused with a Hungarian Horntail, the Pet Teacup Dragon is all about cuddles and oversized poofy blankets. We are excited to welcome these wonderful new pets to Jamaa. Please make sure to NOT invite your Pet Teacup Dragon inside a Small Den, we can’t be responsible for the overhead structure damage that may ensue. These pets need room to breathe and romp, preferably in an ample open space or on a trampoline. Have Fun Jammers! HQ Signature

Did you know you can battle the Phantoms!

20200331 AJTips PhantomDimension-01 Did you know you can battle the Phantoms in their own Dimension in Animal Jam - Play Wild? Both Paintseed Trees and the Phantom Dimension Portal, necessary for entering the Phantom Dimension, are both available in the Sapphire Shop! Collect a large supply of your home grown paintseeds and battle your way through the Phantom Dimension using the portal. Inside you will find a disturbing phantom version of Jamaa, filled with phantom warriors and even a phantom traveling salesman! How far have you gotten in the Phantom Dimension? Don’t forget, Play Wild is available from the: Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and for Desktop (just like AJ) from AnimalJam.com/apps! HQ Signature