Gingerbread Armor is back in Play Wild!

gingerbreadarmorDE dec192018

The Gingerbread Armor had returned to Play Wild! From it’s sweet white frosting, to the gumdrop accents, wearing this fabulous armor makes any day a Jamaaliday! Get yours in the Sapphire Shop today and get into the Jamaaliday Spirit! HQ

These Masterpiece Artists Captured Jamaalidays!

image (65)image (66)image (67)image (68)image (69) These amazing masterpieces by: Captainstinkytoe, Lilforestnymph, Chocolate4froggy, Bugs1020 and Doodlebambi have given us all the holiday feels. These Masterpiece Artists have really captured the wonderful things we love about the Jamaalidays. We will be sending each of these master artists a Artist’s Plaque for their den and THREE Masterpiece Tokens. Have you created a show-stopping, Jamaaliday masterpiece or artwork in Animal Jam or Play Wild? If so, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #AnimalJam so we can see it! HQ