Adorable Raccoons in Animal Jam!

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Check out these adorable raccoons in Animal Jam! Did you know raccoons have dexterous paws with five toes? They can even open shellfish and wash their food! Share your tips on keeping your new pets busy in Jamaa!

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Get Ready With Me!

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Cozy up in your fall best and snap a pic in Jamaa! Get inspired by what our Spicy Flying Fox is up to today and join the Fall fun! How to enter:

  • Create a look in your your fall attire
  • Drop your Animal Jam or Animal Jam Classic username below once you’re ready
  • Don’t miss out, enter by Tuesday 11/14!

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Accessory Contest Winners!

Accessory Design Contest-01

Accessory Design Contest-02

Accessory Design Contest-03

Accessory Design Contest-04

Accessory Design Contest-05

Accessory Design Contest-06

Check out the winning design of our Design a Hat Contest! Congratulations to JOZLYN2011 for their incredible creation, the PHANTOM MIND CONTROLLER. Get ready to rock this unique and trendy hat as it becomes a must-have accessory this season! Jozlyn2011’s accessory will be released in December!

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