Poodle Pet


Pet Poodles are here! Jammers sure love these playful pups - we’re seeing oodles of poodles all throughout Jamaa! Don’t forget to take your new pet poodle to the Pet Stop to accessorize and style your new friend!


Friendship Bundle Available Now


The amazing Friendship Bundle is available for February only with any membership purchase from AnimalJam.com/join, during February. This lovable bundle comes with a Lynx, the Friendship Cottage, an Exclusive Pink Friendship Armor set, Friendship Den Item set AND a Pet Love Bunny! So cute! Current members can get this bundle with an additional month of purchase in February, stacking it on top of your current membership. Don’t forget membership gives you tons of benefits in Play Wild such as weekly member gifts, bonus sapphires and the ability to create and join Packs!


New Daily Pack loot


The new update in Play Wild is a ton of fun! Packs are going gangbusters, with DAILY pack loot as well as the new ability to change your Pack Crest! Have a Pack you would love for us to visit and join for a day? Share your username and pack name below!