It's a Tarantula Trivia Tuesday today!

image (182) It’s a Tarantula Trivia Tuesday today! Tarantulas move their legs using: A) Muscles B) Hydraulic pressure C) Neurons D) Psychic energy

Tarantulas can defend themselves by shooting out: A) Webs B) Poison C) Fangs D) Barbed Hairs

Female tarantulas can live to be ___ years old! A) 5 B) 10 C) 20 D) 25

Tarantulas can heal injuries by: A) Jumping up and down B) Covering themselves in webs C) Molting their skin D) Making medicine

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Answers: BDDC

Phantoms seem to be up to something!

20211004 Phantom Den Decorating Frames-02

Phantoms seem to be up to something! Alphas are calling for everyone to set their dens and be on the ready as the timer counts down. VERY IMPORTANT: The Alphas are requesting all to STAND BY YOUR PORTALS with your buddies and DO NOT ENTER, we need to remain in our dens to protect Jamaa waiting for further instruction. Use this template to invite your buddies to gather in your dens with paintseeds, and launchers! We never know what to expect from these pesky phantoms!

What would be the key items to put on your den invite?