Membership Benefits in Play Wild!

PW MokuAhi MemberOutfits-02 PW MemberColorWheel-02 20190803 PW MembershipBenefits-01 This is a great time to become a Member in Animal Jam and Play Wild! Membership benefits include: Membership in both Animal Jam and Play Wild, Daily Sapphires in Play Wild, Weekly Play Wild Member Gifts, Ability to Create and Join your own Packs in Play Wild, Daily Diamonds in Animal Jam, 1,000 Buddies and Inventory Slots as well as access to Member-only Content, Pets, Accessories, Dens, Den items and more in both Animal Jam and Play Wild! You can learn more by visiting!

Birds of a Feather Membership Bundle!

2019 AJ Soc BirdsofaFeatherBundle-01 The brand new Membership bundle from has arrived! The Birds of a Feather bundle delivers: Membership in Animal Jam AND Play Wild, early access to the Toucan, Flamingo, Eagle, Pet Owl, the Fantasy Castle Den and a set of NEW den items in Animal Jam! Don’t forget Membership in Play Wild will grant you the ability to create and join packs, get weekly member gifts, daily sapphires, the new color coordinator wheel and access to the new member shops in Moku’ahi!

Play Wild - Visit Moku'ahi!

PW MokuAhi-04 TradeWithLeilani-01 PW MokuAhi-02 Created by an active volcano, Moku’ahi is a wonderful tropical paradise in Play Wild, located off the southern shore of Jamaa! Visit the two newest shops, Island Threads and Shoreline Decor, for exclusive, new member items! Keep an eye out for Leilani; she loves to trade for unique items. Have you had a chance to visit Moku’ahi yet? Let us know what you think of the newest land in Play Wild! #AnimalJam #PlayWild