How To Get A Job In Animal Jam! | Animal Jam - How To Video

Check out our YouTube channel and let us know what you think of our latest video! Today we’ll be following the player created, wiki-how tutorial on ‘How To Have A Job on Animal Jam’! Don’t forget to check out our little bike repair shop, Keepinitwheel in Animal Jam while you’re at it. Feel free to live out your bike repair dreams at Keepinitwheel. Are there ‘How To’ videos you would like to see us do? Let us know and comment below! HQ

Congrats Pumpkin Patrol Pack Runs Champs!

leaderboard champion post nov 2 2018

Thanks for everyone’s patience today as we sorted out the Pack tech issues. Everything should be working fine now! Congratulations to the Pumpkin Patrol champs: Munchkin Monsterz, Bon Temps, Insaneclownposse, Lilpeepz , Dark Rain , and хвост феи ! Great work! All members from these packs will receive a Moustache and Chops accessory. Woohoo!! Would you like a chance to win big? Create a pack in Play Wild and run the latest pack runs: Squirrel Scamper. The top pack for each language will score the DJ Headset! Good luck Jammers!


Coyotes Have Arrived in Play Wild!

20181101 PW Coyote Arrr yee ready? Coyotes have arrived in Play Wild with the new update and are now available in the Sapphire Shop. Don’t forget to check out the swashbuckling Captain Coyote bundle, with the Privateer and Princess Pirate outfits too! Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store! HQ

Glorious Goat Bundle

20181101 GloriousGoat Bundle

We aren’t kidding around with November’s membership bundle, the Glorious Goat Bundle from! This month’s bundle includes early access to the Goat, a Goat Pet, the beautiful Regal Palace den, an exclusive outfit and tons of new den items as well. This Glorious Goat Bundle is available with any membership purchase during November at If you are a current member, and do purchase this bundle, the membership time will stack upon your current membership amount and you score all the additional items. Don’t forget membership at also gives you membership in Play Wild! Members in Play Wild can create or join Packs, get daily and weekly gifts and more! HQ