We love our Animal Jam Community!

2020 AJFREE Ring In Spring-01 We love our Animal Jam Community and we know most of us are navigating strange and difficult situations with the Coronavirus. Many Jammers and their friends are at home with family, home schooling and away from their friends and regular routines. We wanted to invite you to share some of that virtual time together with your friends in Animal Jam and Play Wild.

Starting TODAY, and running until March 31st, you can enter the code AJFREE to receive a special bonus. NONMEMBERS using this code will receive TWO WEEKS OF FREE MEMBERSHIP in Animal Jam and Play Wild. MEMBERS using this code in Animal Jam or Play Wild will receive a special gift!

Share this code with your friends and invite them to come hang out and play in Animal Jam or Play Wild with you! Redeeming the code is simple; either enter it at login, or from the settings page in game by clicking the gear icon! Thank you Animal Jam Community for the opportunity to create the best online playground around!

Don’t forget Membership in Animal Jam also crosses over to Membership in Play Wild! Play Wild is available from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, the Amazon App Store and for Desktop (just like AJ) from AnimalJam.com/apps!

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You Can Find A Ton of Helpful Information In The Help Desk!

Customer Support Bunny-01 (1) The recent events with the Coronavirus have affected many people, including the hard working folks at AJHQ. We are happy many of you have been having a blast in Play Wild and Animal Jam! We have experienced a large increase in customer support requests, while navigating this novel situation with the Coronavirus around the world, and this has resulted in longer response times than we normally would have. In some instances you may experience a 4 to 7 day wait period due to this heavy volume. Please have patience while we do our best to assist you and make sure to check out our Help Desk section; many tickets we have received actually have self help answers located on our Help Desk section from the main AnimalJam.com Website.

Below are some of our top requests:

“How do I change my child’s password?”- A child’s password can be changed directly from the parent account dashboard, in the child account settings.

“How do I update my email?” - The email can also be updated from the Parent Account Dashboard. This can be done directly from the Parent Profile!

In addition to helpful tips such as these, you can also find information on how to create a good password, how to protect yourself from scams, our policy in regards to items and more helpful information. Help us to help you! Thank you everyone for your patience in these trying times! Hang in there AJ Community! HQ Signature

It's Animal Jam Tuesday Tips!

20200324 ItemWishList-01 It’s Animal Jam Tuesday Tips! Have you had a chance to check out the WISH LIST in Animal Jam - Play Wild? Whether you are shopping at the store, a den shop or trading, you can add items that you are wanting to your Wish List. Just click the note with the plus sign icon and your items will get added. The best part; when others look at your player card they can look at your Wish List as well! This helps you to communicate what items you are looking to trade for or are searching to purchase in a Den Shop! This is a great tool for those seeking both highly desirable rares or even a specific genre of collectibles you are tucking away for a rainy day. Have you tried the Wish List yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! HQ Signature