Super Party Super Box in Animal Jam!

Super Party Super Box-01

Get ready to turn your parties into super special spectacular SUPER parties with the Super Party Super Box in Animal Jam! Don’t forget to add some extra sparkle with our Super Sapphire Potion, and make your guests’ day by giving out supercool party favors with our Super Party Favor Potion! Let the super fun begin!

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Party Animal Mission!

20231125 Party Animal Mission-01

20231125 Party Animal Mission-03

Get ready to party like never before in Animal Jam! Embark on the Party Animal Mission and show off your skills as the ultimate party animal! Don’t let this wild celebration pass you by, hurry over to the [*] and complete the mission now!

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Thank You For Your Patience!

Thank you for your patience (6)

We’ve heard from several Jammers that have encountered login issues over the past week on both AJ and AJ Classic, and players are understandably worried about the potential impact on their login streaks.

In Animal Jam, we’re modifying the November Reward logins, granting Autumn Pixie Wings on both the 25th and 29th logins, allowing players to unlock both the Eco Turkey and the Autumn Pixie Wing. For AJ Classic, with the December update, we’re expanding potential rewards for the gift slot on the Daily Spin wheel, increasing the chances of obtaining rare or special rewards.

If login problems persist, consider trying again later or at different times of the day. We appreciate your patience as our team works to resolve these issues, and we look forward to having all of you back in Jamaa! Wishing you a delightful Feast of Thanks!

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Happy Feast of Thanks!

20231120 Happy Feast of Thanks-01

Join us in celebrating the Feast of Thanks by welcoming one of our cute and lively pet wild turkeys into your holiday festivities! They’re eager to gobble up the fun and bring joy to your day!

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