Spring Vibes in this Masterpiece!

image (21) Can you feel the spring vibes in these masterpieces? Thank you to eltrovadyne for putting that extra spring in our step with your beautiful masterpiece (s); watch for a special surprise in recognition of your talent! If you have any spring art to share, please tag us in your post! HQ Signature

Frogs, Fungus, and Friendship Art Collaboration

Some of the best things in life are fungus, frogs, & friends, and this beautiful masterpiece collab celebrates all three! Organized by Chocolate4froggy, this collection contains beautiful artwork by Dragojin999, Cutenpets, Sneakywolfspirit, Pheonixdragonxx, Happyheartpuppy02, Big, sherwolfy, Birduke141arts, Baronlightningfoot, and Buoy15. We can’t wait to see what fantastical project these artists jump to next!

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