National Puppy Day!

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National Puppy Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the unconditional love our pups of all types and ages bring to us! How will you celebrate?

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Artsy Super Sale!

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Super Sale! Get artsy with this month’s Super Sale! Painted wolves, pet painted bats, and Painter’s Lofts are on sale for a limited time, so get them before they’re gone!

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Trivia Tuesday - Clovers!

Clover Trivia

Time for Trivia Tuesday!

Clover lawns are better than turfgrass lawns because:

A) They attract pollinators B) They need less water C) They need less pesticides D) All of the above!

How often does a clover lawn need to be fertilized?

A) Every month B) Every 6 months C) Every year D) It doesn’t!

What is clover’s botanical classification?

A) Weeds B) Flowers C) Legumes D) Succulents

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Answers: D,D,C