Trivia Tuesday - Bees!

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It’s time for Trivia Tuesday! Get your brain buzzing with fun facts to celebrate National Honeybee Day!

Most of the bees in a beehive are:

A) Drones B) Workers C) Queens D) Fuzzy

Which is not found in a beehive?

A) Pollen cells B) Nectar cells C) Drone cells D) Capped honey cells

When a creature spreads pollen, it’s known as a:

A) Bloomer B) Pollinator C) Honeybee D) Dusty Dude

Which evolved first: flowers or pollinators?

A) Flowers B) Pollinators C) They evolved together D) They evolved separately

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answers: B, B, B, C

Final round of Beautiful beach dens!

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image (513) Final round of Beautiful beach dens! Congrats to the winners of the summer Epic Dens contest: xreddwolfx, fromlittlethings, Myheaddress, mythicalcreature22, Polonium9, SaltyTangerines, hxneyßee, loyalty, arivia!

Be sure to stop by their amazing dens in Animal Jam and Animal Jam Classic to get a sweet & refreshing taste of summer!

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