Light Accelerator is Back!

20231115 Graham-01

I’ve gotten the LIGHT ACCELERATOR up and running again, hopefully to stop the Phantoms from reaching the POWER that the Zios statue guards! Still, I wish Greely were here! We’ve all been at a loss without his knowledge of the DARKSIDE. Should we use LIGHTSIDE to strengthen the seal around Zios’ power? Or DARKSIDE to disrupt the Phantoms’ energy…?


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All aboard the Roaring Railway in Animal Jam!

20231101 Roaring Railway-01

All aboard the Roaring Railway in Animal Jam! Hop on board and experience a life on the rails like never before. Unleash your style with the Roaring Railway Bundle, complete with a den, music, and exclusive furniture. ALL ABOARD this incredible journey!

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Adorable Raccoons in Animal Jam!

pet raccoon bundle vid gif (1)

Check out these adorable raccoons in Animal Jam! Did you know raccoons have dexterous paws with five toes? They can even open shellfish and wash their food! Share your tips on keeping your new pets busy in Jamaa!

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