Trivia Tuesday - Rock Crabs!

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It’s time for another round of Trivia Tuesday. This week we are focusing on Rock Crabs!

Rock crabs are part of the family: A) Corystidae B) Corvidae C) Canidae D) Cancridae

Which of these is NOT a type of rock crab? A) Jonah crab B) Helmet crab C) Atlantic rock crab D) Red rock crab

Evolving to have crab-like features is called: A) Carcinization B) Divergent evolution C) Lamark’s theory D) Getting crabby

Rock crabs can live for about: A) 1 year B) 3 years C) 6 years D) 10 years

Answers: DBAC

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Snow-Tastic Den Features!

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Our Den Tours were a success! We caught some snaps while visiting to share with the community! Check out these Epic Dens by Kawaicutie14, Ozzywinn, morningwonder, girljas, cinderpelt1002, kutekoolkitten, glitterypangolin, modeedee, nenntmichkirsche!

We are always looking for unique den designers and will continue to post snaps, in January, from our den visits based on the previous post. Do you have any den decorating tips for all to enjoy? Share your ideas below!

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