New Golden Retriever Bundle In Animal Jam!

May Sapphire Bundles-03 The Golden Retriever bundle has arrived in Animal Jam. This pup-tastic package is perfect for aspiring veterinarians. Tails will be wagging over the Happy Puppy accessories too. So bounce on over to the Sapphire Shop and pick up your bundle today! #AnimalJam HQ Signature

Happy Arbor Day!

20210429 Happy Arbor Day-01 There’s nothing quite like sitting in the shade of a big, beautiful tree. Happy Arbor Day from all of us at Animal Jam! Arbor Day is all about celebrating trees! It’s the perfect day to bring awareness to how you can help protect trees and forests, or best of all, plant a tree yourself! Do you have any tips on how you can help trees? Share them in the comments below! #AnimalJam #ArborDay HQ Signature

Join us for a game of cat-and-mouse!

Join us for a game of cat-and-mouse with Jamaa’s latest newcomer: the Maine Coon Cat! Discover what makes some of your AJ Favfurrites so special in this episode of Curious Creatures! Animal Jam is available to play for free for desktop on and the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App stores!

Can you spot the red flags?

20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-01 20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-02 20210428 Safety Tip Phishing Scam-03 Can you spot the red flags in this phishing message? Phishing messages can come from anyone, even names you recognize, but unknown senders are especially suspicious! Always proceed with caution:

  • Look for fake logos or typos
  • Phishing scams try to catch your attention -Scammers try to make their message sound urgent -NEVER enter personal information unless you’re SURE you’re on a site you trust -Scammers might find you in game, direct you offsite and have you click on a link to gain your information -Read URLs carefully before you click HQ Signature