Trivia Tuesday - Tide Pool!

Trivia Tuesday • touch pool • SQ1

Learn about creatures that live in the shallow waters of the ocean this Trivia Tuesday! Once you’ve warmed up, you can login to Animal Jam and check out the Tide Pool minigame in Tierney’s Aquarium for more facts, plus Gems and prizes!

A nudibranch is: A) The arm of a coral B) A sea slug C) A group of jellies D) A type of seaweed

Sea urchins use their spines to:

A) Move around B) Defend themselves C) Cover themselves with shells D) All of the above

Horseshoe crabs are:

A) Anthropods B) Snails C) Crabs D) Lobsters

The only known animal to have chlorophyll cells is:

A) A crab B) A nudibranch C) A sea star D) A sea urchin

Check back next week for answers!

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