Goats have returned to Jamaa!

20190711 AJ GoatsAreBack-01 (2) Goats have returned to Jamaa! These playful and fun creatures are ready for summer parties and cool seasonal looks! You can also learn more about the headstrong and hard-working goat by checking out the Goat Mini-book in the Chamber of Knowledge! Pick up your adorable new goat today in the Diamond Shop! HQ

Amazing Flamingo Masterpieces

image (8) image (9) image (10) image (11) image (12) image (13) image (14) Check out these amazing Flamingo Masterpieces by: Happyheartpuppy01, Baronlightningfoot, Chocolate4froggy, Joliezac, Icydragon553, Cheetah10260 and Cupcake89! These are amazing! We’ll be sending each of these players a secret prize for their fabulous art skills. Are you having a blast with flamingos? Let us know in the comments below! HQ