Trick or Treating Masterpiece Collab! | Animal Jam

Visit our YouTube channel and get in the spirit of the Night of the Phantoms with this cool Masterpiece Collaboration! We had a great time collaborating with: Wolfy44444, Tehbestotakuevah, Ivmg, Valceethetiger, Disneygrl, Mooep, Pokemonxyzthebattle, Cupcake89, Shadowbluefire, Tinkeregirl, Radiation, Kid23000, CB111111, Epdod, Chaviwolf, Hyenine1, 223Lourose and Moonilethefox! Each of these amazing AJ artists and collaborators will be receiving a Fan Art plaque for their den and a Masterpiece Token! Spooky Masterpieces make great Night of the Phantoms decor, so don’t forget to make your own, or even trade for them!


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Play Wild Night of the Phantoms Super Sale

20181017 PW SuperSale Still trying to figure out your Night of the Phantoms Costume? Several cool looks just went on sale this week in #PlayWild! Now is a great time to check out Play Wild for yourself. If you already play Animal Jam on PC, you can use your current username and password! Animal Jam - Play Wild is available for download from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.

Spooky Villa Speed Decoration! | Animal Jam - Play Wild

HQExplore Play Wild’s newest den, the Spooky Villa, with the new Den Decoration Video found on our YouTube channel. Play Wild’s Spooky Villa is the perfect den for all your Night of the Phantoms and Speed Den Decoration needs. The Spooky Villa bundle gets you off to a great start; it includes exclusive night of the phantoms themed den items and music! Calavera Styled Lanterns? CHECK. Creepy-Fabulous music? DOUBLE CHECK!