Spreading good cheer with the artists of Jamaa!

The Jamaalidays are here, and we are spreading good cheer with the artists of Jamaa! We joined organizer Chocolate4Froggy, in one of the biggest art collabs in Jamaa history; 15 different teams of 12 Jammers each! Amazing! We are so proud to have been a part of this fun collaboration! Let us know what you think in the comments below! HQ

Jamaaliday Wishes!

20191207 JamaalidayWishlist-01 We are excited for the Jamaalidays and have a little something special we are starting this week. What is your Jamaaliday Wish? Now this doesn’t have to be a wish list of your dream rares, it could be something you would wish for your best buddy, things you would love to see in Animal Jam or Play Wild, well wishes for the community and more! Share a comment below on what your Jamaaliday Wish is; we will be selecting players from the comments below and sending them a Magenta Giant Jamaaliday Bow for their Den in both Animal Jam AND Play Wild! HQ