Tarantula Pets have returned to Play Wild

20180917 PW PetTarantula Need some protection from those fearsome fall phantoms? You are never alone, with 8 pats on the back from your lovable Tarantula Pet! The Tarantula Pets have returned to Play Wild and wow are they cute! Get ready for Night of the Phantoms, stop by the Sapphire Shop and adopt your Pet Tarantula today! #PlayWild #AnimalJam HQ

Grab the Garden Escape Membership Bundle!

What a hoot! Have you seen what the latest Member Bundle from AnimalJam.com/Join? You will receive an Owl, Liza’s Garden and exclusive accessories/den items to complete the set. Becoming a member in Animal Jam gives you membership benefits in Play wild too, such as Weekly and Daily Sapphires and other gifts! If you already have a membership, you can still get the bundle items by purchasing another month of membership from animaljam.com/join during the month of September; this will stack onto your current membership. Check it out today!