Hibernating Animals!

20210322 Hibernating Animals are Waking Up-01 Hibernation is when an animal becomes inactive and ““sleeps”” through the cold winter when there is less food. To prepare, many animals eat to gain weight in the summer and fall. The extra fat keeps them alive throughout hibernation. You may already know that mammals like bears, squirrels, and raccoons hibernate. But did you know that many other kinds of animals hibernate too? Frogs, turtles, lizards, snakes, snails, fish, shrimp, and even some insects hibernate or are dormant during the winter! HQ Signature

Nocturnal Facts from one of our Jammers!

NocturnalAnimals-Greatwolf94 Nocturnal Facts from Greatwolf94 Lions are actually much more diverse than the yellowy-golden wild moggies you see on TV! Some live in deserts, others in jungles. Some are yellow, others are white! I know there are African white lions, African lions, Asian lions, and even deeper subspecies of these! They can hunt in the day or night, but like cats, their eyes have special curved lenses that reflect light! This makes them really good at hunting in the darkness.. I hope you like these facts! -Greatwolf94 out! HQ Signature