Popa Langurs have swung into Animal Jam!

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Popa Langurs have swung into Animal Jam! This month you can find the Pretty Popa Langur Bundle, which comes with a popa langur, the Figure Skater Outfit, and the exclusive Speed Skater Outfit which can’t be found anywhere else! Are you a speed skater or a figure skater?

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Trivia Tuesday - Popa Langurs

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It’s time for some Trivia about Popa Langurs:

Popa langurs live in:

A) The Amazon Rainforest B) Madagascar C) Mount Popa D) Tropical Africa

Langurs are:

A) Old World monkeys B) New World monkeys C) Spider monkeys D) Lemurs

Old World Monkeys are found in:

A) Every continent B) Africa and Asia C) Madagascar D) Australia

The conservation status of popa langurs is:

A) Least Concern B) Vulnerable C) Critically Endangered D) Extinct in the Wild

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Answers: C,A,B,C

SNEAK PEEK: Popa Langurs, Rock Crabs, Pet Expeditions, and More!

Popa Langurs, Rock Crabs, and new Pet Expeditions… need we say more? Continue to celebrate the winter fun in Animal Jam with the latest and greatest additions coming with January’s update! From adorable new pets and animals to decadent dens, there’s endless room to explore - check it out by logging into Animal Jam during the month of January!

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