Alphamania in Jamaa!

20190321 AlphaArmor&DenSale-01

All Alpha dens and armor are on sale now and it’s ALPHAMANIA! From Liza’s Garden, to Grahams Gauntlets; Alpha dens and armor are available and on sale. Visit the Diamond Shop and Alpha Headquarters; show your love for your favorite Alpha!


The Spring Festival has Returned!

20190321 AJ SpringFestival-01

The latest Animal Jam Update has arrived! The Spring Festival has returned and it’s as egg-cellent as ever! Can you find all 100 eggs? It isn’t eggs over easy but the more eggs you find, the more prizes you’ll earn! HQ

Amazing Spring Masterpieces!

image (31) image (30) image (29) image (28)

Check out these recent spring-themed Masterpieces we found by our amazing Animal Jam artists: 223lou, hamstery001, zznation and Starbeing! Let’s all give a big shout out to these amazing AJ Artists! HQ