What Have You and Your Buddies been up to?

AJFreePromo Infographic Multipost Cover Image AJFreePromo Infographic Instant Buddies AJFreePromo Infographic Super Achievers AJFreePromo Infographic Triumphant Traders AJFreePromo Infographic Clever Creators AJFreePromo Infographic Social Butterflies We thought it would be fun to share what you and your AJ Buddies have been up to since the AJFREE code! The code has since expired but we hope you all have been having a blast in Animal Jam and Play Wild! Don’t forget you can continue with your membership at AnimalJam.com/Join! HQ Signature

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

2020 EarthDay Trees-03 Happy Earth Day Everyone! We know it has been a struggle with being either stuck inside or not able to go out to your regular places; but the beauty of nature is something that everyone can take a moment to enjoy. Enjoy the trees outside, the little plants growing nearby or even the songs of birds and humming of the springtime insects. We wanted to thank all those Members in Animal Jam and Play Wild, every New Membership purchased right now will result in WildWorks planting a REAL TREE in the world. You are making a difference; Thank You! Don’t forget you can get in the Earth Day spirit and buy trees from the tree shop in Animal Jam or seeds in Play Wild! Are you doing something special for Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!
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It's AJ Tip Tuesday!

20200421 AJTips Pet Expeditions SOCPost2 copy It’s AJ Tip Tuesday! Have you had a chance to send your pet out on the latest Pet Expedition? The Valley of the Eggs can be super challenging but it is a ton of fun; there are awesome collectible eggs to gather if you can complete it! What is your favorite egg so far? HQ Signature