Nocturnal Facts from one of our Jammers!

NocturnalAnimals-Greatwolf94 Nocturnal Facts from Greatwolf94 Lions are actually much more diverse than the yellowy-golden wild moggies you see on TV! Some live in deserts, others in jungles. Some are yellow, others are white! I know there are African white lions, African lions, Asian lions, and even deeper subspecies of these! They can hunt in the day or night, but like cats, their eyes have special curved lenses that reflect light! This makes them really good at hunting in the darkness.. I hope you like these facts! -Greatwolf94 out! HQ Signature

March 20th Weather Report!

WeatherReport-winterseas Weather just in from winterseas: Hello everyone and welcome back to another Paw-tastic Jamaa weather report! I’m one of your hosts Winterseas reporting live from Jamaa! Please be aware to expect a cast of falcons zooming by today in Coral Canyons! Yes… You heard me right! A cast of falcons. That is what a group of falcons are called. Meanwhile, jammers have reported some unexpected fog in The Temple of Zios. Be ready to get out your flashlights and binoculars! You can also pick those items up for Jamaa outfitters! As always jammers, stay safe and have an jam-tastic day!-winterseas HQ Signature

Welcome Spring!

20210319 Happy First Day of Spring!-01

Happy First Day of Spring! It’s a new day! If you can - treat yourself today! Put together a new spring outfit, give yourself a spa treatment, then go outside and play!

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March 19th Jamaa Weather Report!

WeatherReport-mbpaj (1)

Thank you for joining us here at Jamaa Weather. I’m meteorologist mbpaj. For the overall land of Jamaa, partly cloudy skies for most areas. In specific areas like Sarepia Forest and Balloosh, we’re expecting some showers in those lands in a few days from now. And of course, we have been reported of some snowstorms in areas like Mt. Shiveer, Appondale and Moku’ahi. If you’re planning to look for some golden snowflakes in any of those areas, be sure to bundle up in your winter coats. We may be having a late spring this year. Over to our weekly forecast, partly cloudy skies for Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands and Kimbara Outback, should last until Saturday, sunny skies should be out by then. Rain and showers at Balloosh and Sarepia will last until Wednesday, partly cloudy skies should take over those lands by then. And as for snowstorms in Mt. Shiveer, Appondale and Moku’ahi, they should last until tomorrow, and showers will take over those areas until Thursday. *Jamaa Weather music plays HQ Signature