Fox Fan Art!

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We came across these amazing fox-themed masterpieces, and couldn’t resist sharing them in celebration of their return to Play Wild. Aren’t they amazing?! We’re blown away by our talented Animal Jam Community! Congrats on being featured ocean8froggy, floofyart, winky15, silverstorm792, skeletals, naximus, wolfsight and kiwicon; we’ll be sending each of you a fan art plaque for your den in both games later today. Woohoo!


Amazing Fall Dens and Masterpieces!

image (63)image (62)image (64) We couldn’t wait to share these amazing fall themed dens and masterpieces posted by merrycat, brittanx and kawaiidragon21. Wow! Our talented AJ community is hittin’ us right in the feels. We will be sending a cool Fan Art or Epic Den Plaque your way soon! HQ