Welcome the Pet Pangolin to Animal Jam!

20200909 AJ Pet Pangolin AJ Welcome the Pet Pangolin to Animal Jam! This endangered and shy mammal is sometimes called a “scaly anteater.” They have long snouts and tongues, helping to snack on ants and termites. Though they can be a bit quirky, they make great companions in Jamaa! HQ Signature

Unlock your Prize Pal in Animal Jam!

20200905 AJPrizePals-01 Have you had a chance to log in to Animal Jam and unlock your Prize Pal? You can level up your Prize Pal like a Pet or you can claim a Prize! What will you decide to do? You can claim your Prize Pal with only 5 daily logins!
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10th anniversary of Animal Jam!

Today we officially celebrate the 10th anniversary of Animal Jam! We have had an amazing decade of animals, creativity, and fun and are sharing some of our top moments with you all. Hear directly from WildWorks team members about their favorite Animal Jam memories, stories and the incredible milestones that Animal Jam has reached over the years. Thank you so much to our Animal Jam Community for being a part of this wonderful journey! We look forward to every day because of you! HQ Signature