National Pet Day is April 11!

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National Pet Day is April 11! Your pet(s) can be celebrated every day, let’s show them special attention today! Which Animal Jam, Animal Jam Classic, or real-life pet is your favorite and why?

Important note: Owlbert will be celebrating today at 3pm MST and 8pm MST

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And the winner is...

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Cover (4)

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Option 3 copy (1)

20230403 Den Designer Token Bracket Round 3 copy (1)

Drumroll please 🥁 🥁 🥁 ….Tree House Wins! We appreciate all the voting last week and your feedback. Watch for more details on the release Den token in the coming weeks!

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Egg Hunting!

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Jammers!! The egg hunt is ON! I’ve hidden PAINTED EGGS all around Jamaa! Find enough, and you can come trade them with me in Jamaa Township for a supercool TOKEN! Also, if you find an egg of EVERY COLOR, you can get a secret PRIZE! Happy hunting!!

  • Peck

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Accidently Chirping Personal Information?

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What Grade you-re in



Be careful about what you share! When you talk about yourself online or in chat, you might be sharing pieces of your identity that someone else could PUT TOGETHER to scare or hurt you!

Personal Information is anything that could be used to IDENTIFY you! Stuff like your name, the area you live in, what grade you’re in, who your teacher is—it’s all INFORMATION that a bully or scammer could use to figure out who you are, or guess your password!

That’s why you should keep your personal information PRIVATE, even from your friends in Jamaa!

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