Animal Jam - Weekly Member Gift Churro Tail!

20200514 AJItems ChurroTail-01 The Weekly Member Gifts are one of our favorite benefits in Membership in Animal Jam. This week’s Member Gift is the Churro Tail, woohoo! Don’t forget Membership in Animal Jam Classic also delivers Membership in Animal Jam; you can use your same username and log in information in Animal Jam that you use in Animal Jam Classic. Animal Jam is available for desktop computers from as well as the Apple App store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App store! HQ Signature

The Jungle Treehouse Bundle has arrived in Animal Jam!

20200513 Jungle Tree House Bundle SocPost (1) The Jungle Treehouse Bundle has arrived in Animal Jam’s Sapphire Shop! Create your very own Jungle getaway with plenty of opportunity to explore! The bundle includes the new Jungle Treehouse Den and a collection of exclusive treehouse den items that can’t be found anywhere else! Stay tuned for a fun Treehouse Den decoration contest later today! HQ Signature

Beautiful Designed Masterpieces!

image (70) image (71) image (72) image (73) We are consistently blown away by the artistic talent in our community. Check out these beautiful Masterpieces by: hourg1ass, a88878 and starfwolf! We will be sending each them a special gift in recognition of their beautiful Masterpieces; well done! HQ Signature